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30/05-12   -   Press releases

Friendly Rentals arrives in Istanbul, the gateway to the East

Friendly Rentals, dedicated to short and mid-term apartment rentals since 2003, has just incorporated Istanbul into its list of destinations. This brings the total of international hotspots in which the company operates up to 26, where apartments carefully selected for their location, design and facilities are offered.

Situated between two continents and comprising almost 12 million inhabitants, Istanbul is one of the most highly populated cities in Europe, and the largest in Turkey. The city’s streets, where impressive mosques lie beside ancient churches and historic palaces, pay testimony to the mix of different cultures, religions and traditions.

Over the centuries, Istanbul has been given many faces and many names. It was the Greek Byzantium, the Roman Constantinople and, until 1922, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Each one of these civilisations has left its footprint in the form of the monumental constructions which now decorate the city and dazzle the eyes of its guests: the Hagia Sophia church, the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace and its haremÂ… these are just some of the historic buildings which adorn Istanbul, and which have secured its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dynamic and vibrant, Istanbul is also an exotic city which can be enjoyed with all the senses: relax in the Turkish baths, enjoy a delicious cup of tea with typical sweets, stroll through colourful bazaars infused with the smell of spicesÂ… everything about the city invites you to wrap yourself up in ancient magic.

Friendly Rentals’ apartments in Istanbul offer the possibility to enjoy this fascinating city at total liberty, whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or family, with friends or for business purposes. Reservations can already be easily made by via the website.

About Friendly Rentals:

We are a Barcelona-based business that specialises in the short and medium-term rental of tourist apartments. Since we began operating in Barcelona in 2003, our objective has been to offer our clients the best selection of apartments at competitive prices. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, as a family, couple or other, we have a suitable proposal for you. Currently, we comprise more than 2,700 apartments in 26 European and worldwide cities, and we are constantly increasing our range of offers and destinations.

Facts and figures:

- 26 destinations in Europe, America and Africa, and more coming soon
- More than 2,700 apartments and offers in Friendly, many of which are exclusively managed
- More than 500,000 clients worldwide.
- 9 years of professional experience, and a strong reputation in the sector
- A central office in Barcelona, as well as offices in our main cities: Madrid, Rome, LondonÂ…

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  0034 93 268 80 51

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