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03/06-12   -   Press releases

Galleria Embrice presents Post-structures: lines, wires, mazes of TatsuoUemon Ikeda

Galleria Embrice (Rome, Via delle Sette chiese, 78)presents: Post-structures: lines, wires, mazes
of TatsuoUemon Ikeda.

Curated by
Simonetta Lux and Carlo Severati
Carlo Tomassi video performance The Tatsuo Childhood.
Emma Tagliacollo’s video Interview to Ikeda.

From 8th June 2012 to 23rd June 2012
Opening reception for the artist Friday, June 8th from 6 pm

In this context, Tatsuo Uemon Ikeda (Kobe, Hyogo 1952) delves into the issue of virtual space by means of tools he already experienced in the past- from drawings to three- dimensional use of wool–silk red threads of different thickness.
As you will see in this exhibition, the outdoor location shots -leading to Carlo Tomassi’s short The Tatsuo Childhood -integrate the two-dimensional representation of his trait and the organization of the small inner labyrinth along which drawings and projection screens are displayed.
The observer is forced to share three conditions-actions which, even facing the universe of daily gestures, in the real space, from the desk to the city, almost cancel each other, suggesting a sort of indifference of the author to the contexts.
Ikeda interposes a personal and totally mental unit of measurement between himself and real space (his desk, the gallery, the Lake Garden in Villa Borghese).
While nourishing himself with the dimensions and the atmospheres of the shared rituals- both Japanese and Italian-at the same time, he laughs at them, focusing on his laconicism- as if his work continuously needs some ritual contamination in order to express his persisting instability.
Variety and contradiction that make every effort in decoding difficult and questionable, since they impose themselves with their substantial fragility on a chance encounter with the world.
When Ikeda laid his thread at head hight, in the Lake Garden in Villa Borghese, an absent-minded passerby tripped over it: the passerby, as turned out later, was a poet who had just published an haiku book.

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Galleria Embrice
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00145, England

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