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15/06-12   -   Press releases

Two new wine tour destinations, Chile-Argentina and South Africa, with BKWine Tours

The wine and food tour specialist BKWine has launched two new destinations on the 2013 program: Chile & Argentina, and South Africa. These tours will be the first two tours on the 2013 program and will take place in February and in March. “I am very exited about these two brand new wine country destinations. They will give travellers a life time experience of wine and food in these exotic wine regions", says Britt Karlsson, co-founder of BKWine, and continues “we focus on the most genuine and high-quality experiences rather than the most famous wine brands."

The focus of the wine tour to Chile and Argentina is the wines and the gastronomy of these two “New World" wine countries in South America. But the program also includes time in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, the Pampas, Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso. In addition to many winery visits and gastronomic meals the program includes classic tango in Buenos Aires, genuine asado barbecues with the famous Argentinean meat as well as an exceptional road voyage over the Andes Mountains.

“This is a unique wine tour that will showcase the very best of wine and food from these two young wine countries. The wines from here have had a great success internationally and that is of course much due to their high quality", says Britt Karlsson. She continues: “I have previously been many times in this region, both as wine judge in national wine competitions and as a journalist, which has given me very good contacts with many of the wine producers. Thanks to these contacts I have been able to put together a very high quality program in Argentina and Chile."

The wine tour to Chile and Argentina is scheduled for February 4-19, 2013. It starts in Buenos Aires, continues to Mendoza and then across the Andes to Chile. The final destination is Valparaiso and Santiago de Chile. Along the way there will be some 20 winery visits and many gourmet meals.

The detailed program for the wine tour to Chile and Argentina can be found here:

The second new launch is a wine and food tour to South Africa. The tour starts in Cape Town and includes both the classic wine regions of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek as well as up-and-coming districts like Durbanville, Wellington and Swartland. Per Karlsson, the other co-founder of BKWine explains: “The wine industry in South Africa has gone through a revolution in the last 20 years. Today they make many world class wines, and since we at BKWine are also wine journalists we have had the opportunity to follow this closely. We have selected some of the top wineries for this tour, many of them we know personally. We also give the travellers an in-depth taste of South African food. The local gastronomy always plays a big part on our tours."

The wine tour to South Africa takes place on March 1-11, 2013. It includes more than a dozen winery visits and many gourmet meals. It also includes other sightseeing: The Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, penguins at Boulder Beach, the wildlife at the nature reserve at Cape Point and much impressive scenery. There is also the possibility to add two additional days for a luxurious safari at a private game reserve.

The detailed program for the wine tour to South Africa can be found here: There are also big picture photo pages here for the wine tour and for the safari here

BKWine wine tours have been mentioned as “world’s top wine tours" by Travel + Leisure Magazine and are selected as “recommended tours" by Munskankarna, the world’s biggest wine tasting association.

More tour information:

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BKWine AB is run by Britt and Per Karlsson and has four main activities:

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BKWine was founded in the 90s by Britt Karlsson, a Swede living in Paris. In the early ‘00s she was joined by her husband Per Karlsson in the business that now encompasses several different wine related activates. The main business is organising wine tours for wine enthusiasts and wine professionals who want to visit wine regions to learn more about wine. Each year BKWine organises some 30 wine tours. BKWine also publishes an online newsletter on wine, The BKWine Brief, which reaches some 20,000 subscribers. Britt and Per are members of the British Circle of Wine Writers (CWW), the International Wine Writers Federation (FIJEV), the French Wine Press Association (APV), the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS) and several other wine and gastronomic organisations.

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