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22/06-12   -   Press releases

What to do for Summer Loving Profits from

Professional trader Matt Shaw will be delivering an online workshop on how to profit from trading the financial markets during summer on

Matt Shaw will share with the audience his trading tips and strategies and how he executes his bets. This webinar session is open to everyone and will be held on Thursday, 28th June 2012 at 18:00GMT (19:00 London Time).

Reserve your place for this upcoming event, go to:

Matt gets paid up to 4000GBP to provide traders of all levels with one-on-one training. However, he has generously offered to deliver hands-on training via this special event free of charge. You can read Matt Shaw´s trader tips in financial publications like the Investor´s Chronicle or click here to find out more:

What you´ll learn?

Learn about fixed odds financial betting and how you can use some of the BetOnMarkets betting types to profit from your short and long-term predictions on the financial markets. This webinar will include basic demonstrations on how to make a financial prediction and how to purchase bets based on that financial predication on the BetOnMarkets website.

*Join a live interactive session
*Watch the presenter´s screen in real-time
*Listen to live commentary
*Get your BetOnMarkets trading questions answered
*Learn how to turn your financial predictions into profitable bets
*See how traders earn profits whether markets are soaring up, crashing down or stagnating

Click on the link below to reserve your space for these special events:

What to do for Summer Loving Profits from BetOnMarkets? - 28th June 2012 at 18:00GMT - (19:00 - United Kingdom Local Time):

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