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22/06-12   -   Press releases

Online the new site of Wedding Ladies: wedding planner

Wedding Ladies has recently presented the new corporate website. Wedding Ladies is a renowned company made of professional wedding planners with the headoffice in Florence, Italy, specialized in providing exclusive services to the foreigners who are getting married in Tuscany.

From the selection of the most romantic wedding villa in Tuscany to the decoration of the environments, from the choice of the wedding dress to the make up, from the photographer to the accommodation of your relatives and friends. A wide range of services to turn your special day into an event.

With the making of the new website the company wants to create a direct connection with all those people who want to arrange a very special wedding. From the moment you arrive in Italy, you will be escorted by one of the Ladies who takes care of anything you may need. You, your relatives and your guests.

The new website also presents the wedding packages in Tuscany that the Ladies organizes all over the year. Wedding packages that include the romantic and intimate wedding in ancient farmhouses of the Tuscan countryside, the luxurious and exclusive wedding in historical castles and the charming seaside wedding.

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