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26/06-12   -   Press releases

A thermos is not just a thermos!

An entrepreneurial Danish company Spirit of Denmark has developed probably the world´s best vacuum flask for professional use.

The vacuum flask, developed over the past three years and just released to the UK market, is the result, firstly, of a good idea and, secondly, a global market analysis asking the question ´what makes the best vacuum flask in the world?´. The answers to this question have been incorporated in the design and construction of the flask with the aim of making the world´s best vacuum flask for professional use.

The starting point was a world patented indicator showing how much is left in the jug so it is no longer necessary to lift and shake – smart and simple. But this indicator is not enough for the discerning professional users. Ergonomics, hygiene, design, quality, functionality and price combine to produce a high quality product.

The Director of Spirit of Denmark, Per Karlsmose, says ‘Our strategy is to offer our customers the world´s best vacuum flask, including the advantages of the world patented indicator, at a competitive price´.

The primary customers are hotels, restaurants, conference centres, hospitals, canteens, offices – places where people drink a lot of coffee. The unique advantages of the indicator are improved customer service efficiency and cost savings by brewing less coffee, making the jug environmentally friendly. B-t-b customers can buy via Bunzl Lockhart Catering Equipment.

The vacuum flask will also appeal to non-commercial customers because of its good design and exciting functionality. They can purchase the Spirit Vacuum Flask Professional directly, at an introductory price, through the company website or at Amazon.


Photo text: Spirit Vacuum Flask Professional (full and empty)

Function text: World patented level indicator

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