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09/07-12   -   Press releases

Colour printers from HP: enhance your business’s image through colour printing

HP colour laser printers enable you to change the look of your business’s documents and PowerPoints by in-house colour printing, giving your company a more professional look.

HP colour laser printers are available for business use and can help to give your business a fresh new look with a cost effective solution to commercial printing. HP has a range of printers varying in price and specifications to meet your company’s individual needs. These include the HP Officejet All-in-one PRO 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer which prints at up to a 50% lower cost per page than lasers and the copier fax printer scanner HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color MFP M475dn which can create professional-quality, two-sided documents in-house, a convenient alternative to commercial printing.

Colour printing in-house can help you to save time and money while giving your business a more professional and enhanced look. Although printing documents in black and white has traditionally been considered cheaper, especially when printing in high volumes, we would like to give you modern alternatives that will guarantee your business standing out from the crowd thanks to documents printed in colour.

Colour printers for business use are a convenient addition to your office and HP colour laser printers are available with varying functions and specifications. Printing in colour can help to revitalise a long written report; adding some colour to headings and titles can break up the document making it a more enjoyable and easier read. A HP printer makes it simple for you to add some colour to your reports with the ability to print them in-house, making small additions of colour to your documents possible without leaving the office.

PowerPoint presentations are created in colour to catch the attention of your own employees or potential clients, it is therefore important for the hand-outs to include colour to make the presentation easy to follow and to sustain your audience’s attention. A small black and white hand-out is dull and often hard to read as the information doesn’t stand out; office colour printers can solve this problem quickly by avoiding the inconvenience of commercial printing. Adding colour to your business’s presentations and hand-outs will make them easier and more pleasurable to read.

Creating colourful promotional materials for your business is essential to give them a professional and eye-catching look. However this can often be expensive and inconvenient when printing smaller numbers of documents at a commercial print shop. Having a printer in your office available for printing in colour can save time and money while giving your business a refreshing new look. A HP office printer would also be convenient when adding small sections of colour to your documents, keeping your business’s materials looking professional while enhancing their old black and white appearance.

Printing documents in colour is a worthwhile addition for your business. Colour cartridges for the HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 MFP, one of the top-of-its-range wireless multifunction printers, cost just £7 more than the regular black cartridges and print at speeds of 4ppm. If your business needs to print colour photos, the HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One fax printer, is an affordable alternative to commercial printing with ink cartridges costing as little as £8.

A colour printer is a convenient and cost-effective way for your company to save time and resources on commercial colour printing. The addition of colour to your business’s documents will help to make your company stand out among the black and white printed materials of your business rivals.

Find the most appropriate of the HP printers for your business’s printing needs by learning more about HP Printers and their functions.

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