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28/08-12   -   Press releases

Yen in commands as traders eye Fed

This morning financial markets are keeping one eye US Jackson Hole meeting later in the week which they hope will reveal hints at future
central bank policy. We also have the latest US GDP figures to look forward to on Friday. So far this morning, the main movement has seen
the US dollar advance slightly against most other currencies, with the big exception of the yen which is the dominant force so far today.
The USD/JPY is down 0.28%, with the EUR/JPY down 0.34%. The AUD/JPY is also falling for the fifth day in a row.

European M3 money supply is due at 09.00. US consumer confidence is the day´s main item at 15.00.

The US dollar has fallen firmly out of favour with traders in recent weeks, while the Canadian dollar has risen in the last few days.

The latter´s strength is questionable when you observe the weakness in the Australian dollar, another currency reliant on commodity exports.
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