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16/07-12   -   Press releases

Bunker transformations vol. 1

Artistic transformation of WW2 bunkers by the Danish west coast.

On July 15, a small revision of European history finds its place in a bunker village on a beautiful beach in Northern Jutland, Denmark. It is the pilot project and kick-off of a volunteer association named Bunkerlove, which aims at transforming WW2 bunkers into works of art. In Denmark, 6000 of 14000 war remains in the shape of bunkers are located, in the midst of the Atlantic Wall stretching from North of Norway to South of France. 2 bunker transformations will be presented:

• Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen. A small miracle in the shape of a golden bunker in between the rotten teeth of our joint history. In gums of sand it rises as a subtle comment to the unconsciousness with which we accept symbols of war and irrational stupidity. It’s a completely new way of portraying a landscape that changes expression as often as the light, the dark, the tide and the people surrounding it.

• Slow-wave Sleep by multimedia artists Inge Tranter (Denmark/ South Africa) and Meile Sposmanyte (Lithuania). The duo presents a film installation of a person in a restless sleep which is akin to the state of occupation. The mind and body function but have lost control, dreaming of action, but unable to effect it. The bunkers are a potent symbol of this occupying force, and the film will be projected into a dark bunker tunnel.

There will be a musical and poetic vernissage on the beach from 16-20, where singer-song writer Mikael K will play songs from his most recent album ‘Fringe country’ (‘Udkantsland’) and playwright, theater director and actor Lars Ditlev Johansen will talk about facing one’s demons. The movable bar ‘Flytbar’ (meaning movable), owned by Århus-based Fairbar, transforms into a beach bar for the day.

The project is based on volunteer work and becomes real with the support of material sponsor Sadolin and Bank of Northern Jutland, and with invaluable help from friends, members and local network and action. Thank you!

About Bunkerlove
Bunkerlove is a volunteer association with a mission to transform the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall, from North of Norway to South of France, into works of art. We believe in the need to use the possibilities, resources, nature materials and history we have to meet and greet the future with less Fear, and more Love. We work for European cohesion, one bunker at a time.

About Erik Peitersen
Erik Peitersen is currently working on his OutdoorArt project, using nature and spectators as active influences in a dialogue with his canvases, see Peitersen brings to BunkerLove his wish to portray the constant change, beauty and brutality, the deconstructive powers’ symbiotic balance with the accidental sublimation and transformation. An attempt to capture the merging of before, now and after in one go.

About Inge Tranter
Born 1965 i Johannesburg, South Africa. MA in Fine Arts from Royal College of Art, London and BA Fine Art from University of Cape Town. Since 94 she has exhibited her graphics, photo- and video art, sculptures and light installations in South Africa and throughout Europe, the past 2 years with the Glass dress project in collaboration with Michael Petersen. Tranter is a member of ‘Danish Visual Artists’ and resides in North of Jutland in Denmark.

About Meile Sposmanyte
Born 1969 in Lithuania. Studied at Klaipeda University and at College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Aalborg, Denmark. In 93 she authored book of poems "In The Provinces Of The Universe". Since 96 she has exhibited paintings, silk paintings, graphic works and installations in Lithuania, Norway and Denmark, most recently at Vendsyssel Art Museum, KS11 and Mygdalhus. Lives in Aalborg, Denmark.

About Mikael K
Mikael K & his band Klondyke in the fall of 2011 released their fifth album ‘Fringe country, songs from crooked Denmark, vol. 1’ (Danish title ‘Udkantsland – sange fra skæve Danmark vol. 1’) which is awarded one of the best albums of the year in Danish papers Politiken, Information, Ekstra Bladet and by TV2. Mikael K has received numerous awards for his work as a song writer, including the Björn Afzelius award (2008) and Gelsted-Kirk-Scherfig award (2011).

About Lars Ditlev Johansen
Theater director, writer and actor since 1987 and recently made his debut as a playwright with the well-received piece ‘On Track’ (Danish title ‘På Sporet’) which played at Nordkraft last fall.

About Flytbar
Flytbar is the mobile version of Århus-based Fairbar, which is a bar that sells organic drinks and beers and is based on volunteer work. The profits are given to international relief work.

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