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27/09-12   -   Press releases

Financial trading webinars provided for free by BetOnMarkets

During BetOnMarkets´ most recent webinar "Learn How To Trade Commodity
Linked Currencies on BetOnMarkets" delivered by professional traders Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi of The
Gold & Silver Club, participants were given easy tips on the top 3 commodity currency pairs and how to
trade them for maximum profit.

The session´s main focus was to showcase simple and low risk trading strategies on commodity
linked currencies and how to take advantage of them utilising Fixed Odds for maximum profit. These
strategies take less than 30 minutes a day to apply and may help bring in a consistent profit if applied on
BetOnMarkets´ fixed-odds trading platform.

Phil and Nik presented participants with an overview of past and current market conditions and
highlighted market trends and interesting economic facts related to commodity currencies to spot
key movements in the price of Gold, Silver and Oil, which traders may base their future predictions
when placing trades online on Here’s what participants had to say about their

“Thanks for all the webinars by Phil and Nik. Over recent months I have received excellent teaching
which has given me the confidence to get back into trading. On last night´s webinar, the main thing
I came away with was how to study a particular market and recognise when it is getting ready for a

At each webinar I learn something new about your platform. This knowledge is helping me to enjoy
my trading experience and execute my trades in less time. Thank you for investing in my trading

Find out how you too can set up your own trading strategies in minutes to profit from Gold, Silver & Oil
by viewing the recording of this webinar:

Like our Facebook webinar page to stay in touch or to receive regular updates on upcoming webinars:

BetOnMarkets gives everyone the chance to profit from the markets. You can bet on over 100 currency
pairs, indices and commodities with bets ranging from 30 seconds to 360 days. You can fund your
account with as little as $10 and bet for just $2. Our unique "fixed returns" service means you know
exactly how much you stand to win or lose before you commit to a trade. If you are looking for a low
cost, low risk way to participate in the markets, then BetOnMarkets is for you. Visit our website now at

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