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04/09-13   -   Press releases

Fun with snorkeling during the holidays in Sardinia

September is just beginning and there are many who have not yet decided where to spend the holidays. This is the best time to book a holiday in Sardinia: the weather is still pleasant, the beaches are more liveable thanks to the decline in the number of tourists and the amount required is much lower compared with that required just a week ago. Simply browse through the websites of travel agencies and tour operators to realize this: in many cases, renting a villa in Sardinia or a stay in a hotel can cost several hundred euros less. In addition, shipping companies are now proposing rates too, which are additional to those already economic conditions of low cost airlines.
An alternative holiday now you can live in Sardinia would be visiting the best sites for scuba diving. With its 1897 km of coastline, Sardinia has always been considered a diver´s paradise. The variety of backdrops make the difficult choice of locations but all are able to give you unique and intense emotions.
Here are the best dive sites in Sardinia:
Capo Testa: is a small peninsula located a few kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura, overlooking the Bocche di Bonifacio, which separates Sardinia to Corsica. The underwater landscape is characterized, at a certain depth, by corals and a few hundred meters from the coast you can see the wreck of a sunken ship in the 70s.
Arcipelago della Maddalena: it consists of over 60 islands and islets, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Its waters are rich in fish (to visit the so-called "City of Groupers", near Lavezzi) and characterized by granite boulders and small canyons.
Gulf of Orosei: located on the central eastern coast of Sardinia, is characterized by the presence of a myriad of hidden caves that open under the cliffs, including the Bue Marino, once the natural habitat of the monk seal. Here you can see the wrecks of the KT12 and Nasello, two ships sunk during the Second World War.
Islands of San Pietro and S. Antioco: here you can admire very different backgrounds that include shallow waters and canyons, caves and vertical walls. During the dives you can run into traps, relics, statues and seagrass meadows.
Alghero: large expanses of coral pink characterize the seabed in this area, in addition to numerous caves among which that of Nereus, the largest underwater cave of the Mediterranean. There is a picturesque French ship, Le Tigre, lies on the seabed and sunk in 1664 during an expedition ordered by King Louis XIV.
For those who already enjoyed the beach this summer, you can always start taking advantage of the forthcoming 2014 Sardinia offers and daydreaming.

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