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21/09-12   -   Press releases

Debriefing Software conjures new time-saving features for Wizards Storage Portal for IBM TSM, Storwize and SVC

Introduces even greater Storage Resource Management control for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Storwize and SVC. Visit to download a free, full-featured, 30-day trial of Wizards Storage Portal

Debriefing Software has launched a major upgrade to its award-winning Wizards Storage Portal for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Storwize and SVC—making it even easier for IBM customers to take control of storage resources and save IT time and budget.

Wizards Storage Portal is a user-friendly cloud business portal that monitors and analyses backup and storage resource management performance in real-time with a customisable dashboard and more than 200 preconfigured graphs and reports. Delivered as a software-as-a-service offering, WSP helps enterprises manage their IBM backup and storage solutions more efficiently and effectively by eliminating routine and resource-demanding tasks while reducing capital and operational expenditure. With WSP, businesses can divert IT resources to more strategic tasks, such as application development to drive business growth.

The upgrade announced today introduces new features Debriefing Software developed in response to feedback from end users.

Jesper Matthiesen, CTO of Debriefing Software, said, “These new features were developed following IBM customer requests. We have seen Wizards Storage Portal reduce the time our customers spend on Storage Resource Management by up to 70% – but there remain more ways to help our customers further cut the time they spend on monitoring and analysis while increasing their control of backup and storage to ensure continuous service."

Debriefing Software’s customers include LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, and LM Windpower.

The upgrade announced today introduces:

TSM Node Occupancy Growth Wizard – Building on the popular Delta Reports feature that compares occupancy levels between two different time periods, the Node Occupancy Growth Wizard will send alerts if the specified node occupancy levels are breached, which helps IT departments become aware of abnormal growth immediately without having to pull multiple reports to find the same information. The new Wizard also highlights negative growth, such as when backups are not being activated correctly or nodes stop sending data.

Not Completed TSM Client Events Wizard – Keeping track of when scheduled backups fail is a constant challenge in Storage Resource Management. The Not Completed TSM Client Events Wizard enables users to receive automatic alerts if a scheduled backup fails, and now, if the failed backup is later completed, this facility will automatically close the entry on the missed events report—saving time that might otherwise be spent analysing hundreds of log entries. The settings for this Wizard are extremely flexible, which allows IT managers to pinpoint alerts with surgical precision.

Alerts Enable Reminder – Often alerts can be ignored or forgotten. This new feature allows users to schedule reminders for each individual Wizard to be sent at specific times to avoid being bombarded by the system.

New Features for IBM SVC 6.4 – New features have been enabled along with the recent IBM SVC 6.4 upgrade for easy tiering and pool compression. Wizards for Storwize/SVC now lets you pull up and display statistics for these features in gigabytes and percentages.

Wizards Storage Portal is a recent Red Herring award winner, a finalist in the UK IT Awards 2012, and a proven success that currently analyses more than 45,000 servers worldwide.

Notes to editors:

Wizards Storage Portal was recently named a finalist in the UK IT Industry Awards for Infrastructure Innovation of the Year.

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Debriefing Software A/S, part of the Portalized group, is a private company formed in 2003 and headquartered in Viby J, Denmark. Debriefing Software is a worldwide leader in cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for IBM TSM, Storwize and SVC with its innovative Wizards Storage Portal. The Debriefing Software Wizards Storage Portal currently analyses and monitors more than 44 thousand servers worldwide.

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