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26/09-12   -   Press releases

Cloud Hype in Denmark: the CloudCamp on NoSQL Will Feature the Most Recent IBM’s Findings

Aarhus, Denmark — the first CloudCamp in Denmark featuring both Cloud and NoSQL-related topics will take place on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. As a result of the information explosion, many projects require using NoSQL and Cloud in tandem. Experts will share their first-hand experience in implementation of projects involving both NoSQL and cloud computing. You’ll hear the following 5-minute lightning talks:

• "Big Data, Big Complexity – Why?" by Atchik-Realtime
• "Cloud - When the hype is over!" by IBM, based on the results of their survey conducted on 600 Danish customers to analyze cloud popularity in Denmark
• “Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities" by Roberto V. Zicari, Prof., Doctor of Engineering, Goethe University Frankfurt. The presentation describes how Big Data tool-box can help to solve social problems, such as preventing/predicting natural catastrophes.

The list of speakers is not full and new topics will be added soon.

“Many companies have already understood the advantages cloud computing can bring to their business: reduced costs, scalability, and high availability of resources, Kim Jonassen says. However, very few companies worldwide have actually deployed cloud infrastructures. People are talking about cloud but are very reluctant to use it. Why is it so? What prevents businesses from using this advanced technology? We decided to organize a CloudCamp to find answers to these questions and learn from those who have managed to implement cloud in real life".

According to Kim, traditional for the CloudCamp topics such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS will be discussed. But in a world driven by social networks, Web 2.0-based applications, business intelligence, and data analytics solutions, companies need fast data access, almost instant query processing, and a possibility to store an unlimited number of records. NoSQL databases and distributed computing tools are good at dealing with such tasks, Kim explains. That is why big data and cloud solutions are frequently used together. So, it’s important to discuss how to use these technologies to achieve better results.

The CloudCamp is a participant-driven unconference format that is widespread around the world. Over 350 successful unconference events have been held over the last four years and this popularity is explained by a special relaxed learning atmosphere and high audience involvement. The participants are free to select the topics they want to discuss and ask any questions. The event is a good opportunity to learn unbiased expert opinions and network with cloud users, consultants, and vendors.

CloudCamp Schedule, 2nd of October 2012:

• 17:00 - Welcome & Introductions
• 17:10 - Lightning Talks:
• 18:00 - Unpanel
• 18:45 - Break / Information on Breakout sessions
• 19:00 - Breakout Sessions Round 1
• 19:25 - Breakout Sessions Round 2
• 19:50 - Wrap-up.
• 20:00 - 24:00 Afterparty/beers at a local secret location

This will be the fourth CloudCamp organized by Altoros in Denmark. Previous events in Silkeborg, Copenhagen, and Aarhus got positive feedback from cloud admirers.

About the Organizers:
Altoros is a global software acceleration specialist that focuses on development of high-load enterprise systems, business analysis and data visualization solutions using cutting edge technologies, including NoSQL and Cloud. Learn more on Altoros Denmark.

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