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13/11-12   -   Press releases

All SEO factors at a glance: sitefactor SEO Tools

Every SEO strategy is based on data that has to be brought together from a variety of sources. A large part of SEO work therefore consists of time-consuming research. The SEO agency seonative (, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has developed a number of tools that can take on that work. All tools were combined in a web-based software solution called “sitefactor" and can now be tested on The German version of the tool has already been successfully on the market for a year, but now sitefactor is also available in English.
sitefactor users have access to a large number of useful and time-saving analysis functions in four different fields that cover all SEO areas. The backlink tools give users information about the structure of inbound and outbound links and enables them to check and compare link popularities on various levels. Furthermore, own backlinks can also be managed. For this we can fall back on the comprehensive, up-to-date databases of our partner Majesticseo. Relevant keywords for any URLs and sites with similar themes, which are particularly well-suited for links, can be ascertained with the keyword and theme relevance tool. Alternative keyword suggestions can also be shown in order to create a perfect keyword strategy. The Website & Ranking tool provides numerous facts and rankings (historical and real-time) at a glance. In that way rankings and developments of any URLs and Domains in 12 different search engines (e.g., or even or in the Chinese search engine can be checked. The tools also enable live analyses of search results with all search options and the comparison of various data such as popularities and domain characteristics.
Additionally, the Monitoring Jobs collect a variety of factors every day so that you can react to changes quickly. The “Google Position" query enables continuous monitoring and visualisation of rankings of any URLs/Domains for any chosen keywords. Furthermore, the individual Backlink Monitoring provides a pretty-much simultaneous backlink management through continuous monitoring of backlinks including the used anchor texts.
A successful SEO strategy can only be developed on the basis of reliable, up-to-date data, which covers the entire scope of influencing factors. sitefactor enables a detailed analysis of these factors. Furthermore, many reports for further processing or for storage can be exported as CSV, PDF or Excel files. As all queries are carried out via the same platform, and even complex tasks can run in the background until the user is informed about the results, sitefactor saves a great deal of time and money. In fact, the tools are all available at particularly favourable prices: The Regular package is available from 24.00 EUR per month, and includes the use of all tools and functions. The Ultimate package is available from 59.00 EUR per month, enables (for example agencies) the intensive use for a number of different projects, and includes a White Label option for data exports.

About seonative
seonative GmbH is based in Stuttgart, Germany, and provides a complete range of SEO services ranging from SEO analyses (including Keyword analyses) to SEO strategies up to the implementation of the respective optimisation measures. What particularly characterises the company is the holistic SEO understanding, which goes beyond the borders of project websites, and explicitly includes OffPage measures through theme-relevant link building. sitefactor is developed by seonative.

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