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15/01-13   -   Press releases

LetNet helps older people in using the internet

Do you find it hard to send an e-mail or find a website on the Internet? Do you miss out on family photos because they are online? In short, do you find it challenging to relate to the numerous possibilities and impossibilities of the computer?

Everyone should have a user-friendly computer
LetNet ApS is now launching their updated user-friendly computer aid LetNet in German and English. The programme makes it easy for anyone, regardless of age, to use a computer. The idea that everyone should have the same opportunity to use a computer and the Internet is the very concept behind the programme, which was developed by Jens A. Leonhard and Martin Schoenwandt in 2007.

Rising digitalisation is a challenge for many
Jens and Martin saw that rising digitalisation, also in public systems, was forcing more and more Danes to use computers and the Internet, including those who found the numerous options and systems of computers overwhelming. Consequently many elderly find it hard to use programmes, e-mails and the Internet. “We work with several teaching establishments that train the elderly on how to use a computer," explains Martin Schoenwandt, and continues: “Teachers used to train people who had an interest in learning the basic programmes. But in recent years more and more of their students feel forced to befriend the computer, even if they have lived a large part of their lives without it". This trend is the result of increased digitalisation, because if these people do not learn the most basic functions of a computer they risk becoming cut off from the increasingly large part of society that takes place online.

Simple user interface solves the problem
Martin Schoenwandt and Jens A. Leonhard took on the challenge and with LetNet created software that makes it easy and manageable to use the most standard functions on a computer. The programme simply attaches itself as a new interface across the computer’s desktop. Simple, large and easy to read tabs open the different functions, so that the user can effortlessly read and send e-mails, see and search the Internet, look at photos and videos, listen to music, write letters, songs or other documents, and also read PDF documents.

Danes quick to adopt programme
"What we are hearing from users and teaching establishments is that the programme has made a really big difference to the users’ learning and approach to computers, that LetNet is really simple and manageable to use. Even the most avid computer opponents quickly learn to access the Internet," says Martin Schoenwandt. As an added bonus, the company has observed how people with various disabilities, such as dyslexia and people with mild brain damage, also benefit from the straightforward system. LetNet is now opening its doors to German and English speakers.

German and English speaking countries are showing the same trends as Denmark. The increased digitalisation has forced people to the keyboard, people who until a few years ago lived in peace and tranquillity without the need to send an e-mail or check the weather forecast online. LetNet ApS is now looking forward to helping more people have positive computer experiences with LetNet’s user-friendly features.

Try the full version of LetNet free and with no obligation to buy for 30 days.

LetNet is downloaded and installed directly from there website on your own PC and can then be purchased for a one-off payment of 80 Euro, or easily removed.

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