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29/01-13   -   Press releases

New App helps families in the mornings

You know those mornings when the kids would rather play than get dressed? When your 3 most uttered phrases start with “Don’t forgetÂ…", “Hurry upÂ…" and “We’re going to be lateÂ…"? A new app is here to help parents and children avoid morning battles and enjoy an easier start to the day. A calm and relaxing morning is no longer utopia.

Morning Kids from LEAP Innovation is an educational app for children aged 5-10 years old that turns morning routines into a game. The app also gives parents a tool to help their children with their current phase of development.

Structure and play – a recipe for success
The app was developed by Danish couple Peter and Lone Mortensen. A trained teacher, Lone is the educational brains behind Morning Kids, while Peter is the technical guru with an interest in Smartphone possibilities.

“The idea for the app came about because we both had different approaches to our morning routine with the kids," says Peter. Peter and Lone have twins aged 7, a girl and a boy. “When Lone was in charge of getting the kids ready in the mornings, she turned different tasks into a game with the children, and has always had a set structure in place for morning rituals," says Peter, and continues: “But when it was my turn to get them ready, I couldn’t keep them focused on their tasks. They kept getting distracted and would rather play than get dressed." When Lone and Peter talked to other parents, they learned that many also suffered stressful mornings, because children and parents have different ideas of how mornings should proceed.

Better learning
Lone explains the importance of children having a good morning without stress and conflicts with parents: “It forms the basis of a good day at school or nursery. A nice, calm morning is a prerequisite for learning because the child feels positive and relaxed. The child feels successful having completed the various morning routines, instead of going to school feeling defeated because they did not meet their parents’ expectations for focus and speed. With this app we have created a system that meets the child’s development phases. The set-up is flexible, so parents can set tasks that are appropriate for the child´s level."

Morning Kids
The Morning Kids morning app for families motivates and encourages children aged 5-10 to:

• Go to the toilet
• Wash their hands
• Wash
• Put on creams
• Get dressed
• Brush their teeth
• Brush their hair
• Eat breakfast
• Make their bed
• Pack their bag

You choose the tasks your children need to complete, and whether they need to be done within a certain timeframe or not. The app is available at the App Store for £1.49 in the following languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French and Spanish.

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