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29/01-13   -   Press releases

Gigo Company brings learning and technology into the kids playroom

To make learning fun and engaging! That is what GIGO toy company wants to do with its range of construction systems, software products and learning materials.

New technology meets traditional building blocks in this year’s core products, which all have an element of software. Barney Lin, President of GIGO, has great expectations of the company’s three new products:
“Our aim is to allow kids to grow and explore their own personality. To be driven by curiosity, to explore and discover, to create and learn".

Ole Vestergaard Poulsen, Product Developer and CEO, is impressed with children’s intuitive approach to new technology: “Today’s children use tablets, smart phones, laptops and all kinds of computer technology as the most natural thing in the world. They simply expect their toys to interact and be compatible with other electronic products", he explains.

The team presents their new products at the International Toy Fair in Nürnberg in Exhibition Hall no. 11 at Stand no. 5.

Future Car
GIGO has created a futuristic car that you can control from your iPad or iPhone. By sliding your fingers on the touch screen, you are able to steer the car in any direction you want. And the car does not only
drive on the floor: On the screen of the iPad you can observe it as it drives through a virtual, augmented reality cityscape.

Gyro Robot
This toy shows how science can become fun and engaging. The Gyro Robot is a gravity-defying humanoid that keeps the balance despite driving on two wheels. You can build and play with the robot in many ways, and when you make the Gyro spin and let it go, it instantly balances itself. It can even balance on a string.

Gigo Dog
The GIGO Dog walks and does moves and tricks. By placing your smartphone as the dog’s face you are able to control the dog’s behavior and moves simply by touching the screen. The smartphone acts like a
sensor - with the camera as an extra eye. Additionally the dog can express moods and dislikes/likes by using sound. You can program the dog to walk and act and it can teach the kids in different school

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