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01/02-13   -   Press releases

Altuglas International s innovative new Altuglas® Tattoo acrylic sheet, ready for laser engraving.

Altuglas International, a subsidiary of ARKEMA group, launches its R&D department´s very latest innovation: a new grade of acrylic sheet - Altuglas® Tattoo. The researchers have developed a material with “magic" effect which appears upon laser engraving of the sheet. A new colour appears on the glossy black sheet. All drawings are possible and even the finest detail. It is easy, accurate, ultra-fast and inkless. This combination of properties expands the range of conventional uses for PMMA and offers exceptional opportunities for visual communication, packaging, furniture and signage.

Without ink, the process is easy, economical and ecological.
PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), known as the "acrylic glass" is a polymer - 50% lighter than glass – resistant to scratch and ageing. In order to replace conventional printing techniques which add a plastic film or printing inks, researchers have developed a glossy sheet containing a contrast colour directly in the heart of the sheet. Under the effect of laser, without ink, the drawing created by designers appears and becomes permanent like a real tattoo.

Altuglas® Tattoo facilitates an ultra fast and accurate marking and eliminates exposure to chemicals present in other technologies.
Altuglas ® Tattoo is perfectly suited for YAG lasers with a wavelength of 1064 nanometres.
The result is a high-speed and precise marking for a flawless result. The sheet is "tattooed" in a few seconds. This reduces the manufacturing process by one full step and eliminates the exposure to chemicals present in other technologies.

Altuglas ® Tattoo, a material "tattooed" ultra-resistant to time and UV.
Permanent and durable, the drawing becomes a real tattoo and resists time, UV and atmospheric agents.

Altuglas® Tattoo ( facilitates complex designs.
Altuglas® Tattoo facilitates sophisticated forms of design. It meets the needs of designers without altering the original properties of the material.

Find out more about PMMA sheets:
Known as “acrylic glass", this polymer (polymethylmethacrylate) has exceptional optical properties, superior to that of glass. These properties have lead it to become the material of choice across numerous industries, from the automotive industry to construction.

Find out more about Altuglas International, a subsidiary of ARKEMA:
Altuglas International, world leader integrated in PMMA, is heavily involved in the field of engineered plastic - from MMA monomer to PMMA Acrylic glass – Altuglas International designs and manufactures highly innovative products tailored to the specific needs of its global customers. Its 1300 committed employees contribute daily to the success of its three areas of business (MMA, acrylic sheets and PMMA resins). Find out more at

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