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15/03-13   -   Press releases

The new book on organic wines by Britt and Per Karlsson wins Swedish and international awards

“Wine and the Environment, Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural", the latest book by Britt and Per Karlsson (of BKWine), has won two prizes. It was first named “Best Wine Book for Professionals" in Sweden. Then it was awarded silver, second place, in the category “World’s Best Educational Wine Book 2012". Both awards were given by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

"Wine and the Environment" is the third book by Britt and Per Karlsson. It describes in detail organic wine growing and wine making and what organic wines are. It also explains other related concepts like biodynamic wine, natural wine, sustainability and fair trade. The book also contains a number of producer profiles of wine makers that the authors recommend. It is lavishly illustrated.

The text in the book is written by Britt and the photographs are by Per in this husband and wife author couple. It has taken the authors a year and a half to complete the book. Over that time they have visited and talked to hundreds of wine producers all over the world. Britt comments on the awards: “To make a book like this, full of facts and details, you need a lot of energy and drive. It is perhaps a little trite to say but we have really put our soul into it. Then it is fantastic to be acknowledged like this for all the work that you have done, both in Sweden and internationally."

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards is the world biggest competition for wine and food literature. The first phase of the competition awards national prizes. These are then presented at the world finals where they compete for the international awards. The awards ceremony took place in Paris at the end of February. More than 10,000 books participate every year.

The motivation of the jury for “Wine and the Environment":

“The wine world ferments with new and old philosophies and bold ideas. With great ambition and in detail Britt and Per Karlsson guide both the professional and the wine enthusiast to organic, biodynamic and natural wines."

More on the book Wine and the Environment, Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural:

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Note 1: The previous book by the authors, The Creation of a Wine, won a first prize in the Gourmand Awards in 2010 as The World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals.

Note 2: The books are currently published in Swedish. The authors welcome enquiries from publishers in other countries for international editions.

Note 3: Photography for illustration is available.

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