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28/03-13   -   Press releases

What you must visit during the holidays in Sardinia

In the the heart of Mediterranean, Sardinia is an island of great attractions that fascinates and excites everyone who comes to visit. His greatest fortune is the sea, among the most beautiful in the world according to the common opinion. But the sea would not have enjoyed such a consideration if it had been preserved its integrity that has always been common goal of local governments.
The famous tourist portal Tripadvisor has compiled according to the opinion of its users, a ranking of the most beautiful attractions of Sardinia, with the top ten positions occupied by its seaside location.
The top step of the podium is occupied by La Maddalena archipelago, a group of islands in north-east of Sardinia, off the Costa Smeralda. Among the most important La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli and Spargi. Became a national park in 1996, the archipelago has appreciated around the world for its pristine waters of emerald green and picturesque rocky forms (mainly granite) in its territory.
In second place is Cala Mariolu, a bay of Gulf of Orosei, on the east coast of Sardinia. Difficult to reach by land unless accompanied by a local guide, the most accessible way to see it is by boat, guaranteed by a fleet of small boats that cover the gulf. Its waters are blue and the beach is composed of sand mixed with rounded and pink pebbles and it is surrounded by several caves.
In third place is Capo Testa, a small peninsula in north of Sardinia, a few miles from Santa Teresa di Gallura. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, along which extend two beaches overlooking the clear blue waters, surrounded by the abundant presence of granite, gray and pink.
Fourth place went to Cala Goloritzé on the east coast: famous for its high spire of rock that overlooks the bay and a natural stone arch on the right side of the bay, has a beach composed of sand and pebbles, which becomes a shiny surface on sunny days. As Cala Mariolu, for this beach easier access by sea.
In fifth place is Tuerredda beach, located in a beautiful bay on southern coast. Its clear and fine sand and turquoise clear water made it like a Caribbean landscape, with the difference that palms are replaced by scented Mediterranean vegetation.
Sixth place went to La Pelosa Beach, in north of Sardinia, near Stintino. Its white beach, dominated by the tower of the seventeenth century La Pelosa, overlooking waters ranging from turquoise to blue.
Seventh place for the beach of Is Arutas, in west-central coast: its peculiarity is the sand, composed of small grains of quartz that seem to grains of rice. During the winter, the beach becomes a destination frequented by surfers.
Eighth place for Sinis Peninsula and the island of Mal di Ventre, in the central-western part of Sardinia and a few kilometers from Is Arutas. It is a strip of land that alternates sandy beaches with rocky coastline, overlooking a small island surrounded by clear waters. Striking the establishment of Tharros, an archaeological site of Phoenician origin.
Ninth place for the island of Asinara between Sardinia and Corsica. It became a national park in 2002, its wild and rugged territory is populated by white donkeys, a species that lives in the wild.
Closes the mini-ranked Cala Brandinchi, in the north-east coast, near San Teodoro. The beach has white and fine sand, bright hues and is surrounded by a pine forest and dunes.
If you are sensible to beauty now would be normal to want to go on holiday in Sardinia and see for themselves that live is even better. The summer is coming and the cheapest way to secure an accommodation is to book a holiday rental, the type of accommodation that combines the best quality with the best price.

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