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02/05-13   -   Press releases

The new website of Happy Pizza Italy ovens is now on line

The italian company Creare in Pietra has recently launched the new website to show the new collection of its mobile wood fired pizza ovens, especially designed and realized to meet the requirements of both the private and the professional: restaurants and pizza restaurants.

This new mobile pizza oven is characterized by unique technical features that makes it versatile, easy to use and ecological: lightweight, reaches the ideal cooking temperature in only five minutes, gives the possibility to prepare three pizzas at the same time and guarantees a very low consumption of wood in comparison with similar pizza ovens (about 2 kgs).

The new website also includes the virtual store where you can purchase your new and ready to use mobile wood fired pizza oven as well as a selection of accessories and special tools that are very useful to use with the oven and to prepare and cook tasty pizzas. The mobile pizza ovens for sale can be ordered in two different sizes: 60x60 and 60x90 cm.

Both models of wood burning ovens are now available in three different materials:painted metal, stainless steel and flexible bricks. The painted metal one is also available in different colors: brown, red, green, milky white and custom colors on request. The standard supply includes the complete oven with cart and accessories.

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