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15/05-13   -   Press releases

Carloforte villas: great opportunities for investors

Island in an island: it is here the town of Carloforte, precisely on the island of San Pietro, 10 kilometers from the southern coast of Sardinia. Included in the list of "The most beautiful villages in Italy", this country has the particularity of being a Ligurian linguistic island. In fact, this center was founded in the first half of 1700 by a group of people from Pegli, Ligurian town, which set off the Tunisian island of Tabarka, which had previously been exiled. For this reason, the inhabitants of Carloforte not only define carlofortini but also tabarchini.
Accessible by sea with the ferry from Portoscuso and Calasetta, Carloforte is a town with a strong seafaring vocation: here everything revolves around the sea, fishing and tourism, the main activities of the place, food and events.
In the last decade Carloforte was involved in numerous real estate investments, thanks to the endless offerings of the market combined with the excellent quality of life of the village. Here you can invest in a variety of housing types: inside village there are mainly apartments while outside arise mainly villas, some of which feature a swimming pool. Moving away even further from the city center and finding ourselves in the open countryside or near the beaches, one can encounter in charming farmhouses.
Being a relatively young real estate market, the prices of property for sale have not undergone any rise indeed, they are maintained at favorable levels in order to favor the development of tourism in the place, however, that, although it is constantly growing, it is well away from situations saturation affecting other parts of Sardinia. Precisely for this reason Carloforte is much appreciated by tourists: invest in a house in Carloforte can be a good source of income, taking advantage of the interest of tourists, especially during the summer, go in search of holiday rentals.
Because Carloforte is primarily a city surrounded by beautiful beaches of fine white sand and blue and transparent sea.

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