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13/06-13   -   Press releases

Important changes for lovers of boats in Sardinia

At the recent conference "Nautical tourism development. Tourism engine of the country "has raised some important innovations in the field of boats in Sardinia. As stated by the President of the Region Ugo Cappellacci, would be arriving two important measures to give new life to the nautical sector in Sardinia: one relates to the reduction of excise tax on fuel, the other a bill aimed to equate the Marina Resort and Marina Dry (dry ports) to other accomodations. In this way the VAT for mooring costs would drop to 11% as provided for accommodation.

Measures that should be so to impact positively on Sardinia sailboat charter business, particularly flourishing especially during the summer when the island is literally overrun by tourists.
In 2012, boaters have spent in Sardinia, about 260 million euro, providing revenues of over € 58 million: with these important changes, the goal would be to reach an amount of 350 million euro as induced total expenditure of boaters.

Among the various objectives set by the Region of Sardinia is also to redevelop the waterfront of the island´s major cities like Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero and Porto Torres, with the creation of squares on the sea where promoting meetings, exchanges, reports and events promoting the development.
The reference models for the development of the marine industry are those of Spain and France, where the VAT on nautical tourism is already for a long time equated to that of other tourist facilities.

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