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26/09-13   -   Press releases

Let the imagination run wild on the childrens bicycle

Once upon a time bike helmets were safe but extremely bor-ing and this made it difficult to convince kids to wear them. Now crazy safety helmets are changing that perception forever by adding a fun new dimension to every bicycle ride.

The philosophy behind these Danish-designed helmets is “making safety fun". The range is comprised of ten different animal-themed helmets. All are light and comfortable to wear, even for the youngest members of the family, and all have received safety approval from recognised institutes.

Crazy Safety helmets fuel imaginations and create play opportunities. They enable kids to be the coolest zebra on the bicycle path, the most playful leopard on the playground or the most ferocious tiger in the back garden.

Crazy Safety was conceived by Zdenko Oliver Santini. He has loved the colourful world of comics since he was a boy and now, when he isn’t busy turning helmets into animals, he develops imaginative worlds for LEGO. Zdenko has previously worked for both Disney and DreamWorks.

“I made my first bicycle helmet when I was thirteen. I thought the one that my parents wanted me to wear was totally ridiculous, so I decorated it with horns made out of cardboard and used two polystyrene balls from the art room for the eyes. All of a sudden, I was wearing a bull on my head. My classmates loved the idea and lined up to get a similar helmet", says Zdenko. He now draws all new characters by hand and then moulds the prototypes into shape himself with modelling wax on a bicycle helmet. This attention to detail gives the Crazy Safety helmet an extremely lifelike expression.

“We are excited about releasing Crazy Safety in more than 25 countries and they are already being received with great enthusiasm by children and adults alike. The helmets make people smile and motivate children to both move about and use their imagination. Parents are delighted to provide their children with the best possible protection on the road", explains Kim Møller-Nielsen, Managing Director of CSI A/S, the company behind Crazy Safety.

• The range consists of lamps, bells, locks, accessories such as reflective vests, reflective bands and knee and elbow pads.
• The products have received safety approval by recognised institutes such as SGS and TÜV.
• The helmets have a rubber surface as standard, coloured straps, chin cup, adjustment buckles and LED lighting at the back for added safety.
• View all models on and stay updated on

If you have any questions regarding the content of this press release, please contact Kim Møller-Nielsen, Managing Director of CSI A/S on tel. +45 41139114 or

File name IMG_2712: Crazy Safety designer Zdenko Oliver Santini thinks big when he creates new Crazy animals
File name IMG_6087: Crazy Safety makes time with friends fun
File name IMG_6161: Crazy Tiger and Cheshire Cat on adventure together
File name IMG_6869: Crazy Giraffe and Zebra taking a bike ride

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