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15/11-13   -   Press releases

Collomix RMX mixing stand - Helpful equipment on every construction site

Practically like automatic mixing: The Collomix RMX mixing station enables considerable time and manpower savings at the building site.

Collomix, the specialist for mixing systems for building applications, presents its RMX mixing stand, designed in particular for mixing operations at the building site involving considerable work and effort. Using this mixing station takes the physical strain off the operator during mixing.

For mixing jobs involving difficult to mix materials and large volumes, automatic mixers are generally used. In the daily routine of the building site, however, it is often standard practice that these jobs have to be done with hand-held machines. Coverings with several components, for example, are normally simply mixed directly in the container in which they are supplied. For the worker this may mean up to 50 – 60 mixing operations a day – by hand. Mixing in this way costs time and effort.

To take the strain of the user, Collomix has developed the RMX mixing station. Here the Xo hand-held mixer simply has to be clamped in the device and secured. The hands of the operator are needed only to press the switch and move the mixer through the material, since the weight of the machine is absorbed by the stand. That means easy and effortless work.

The Collomix RMX mixing stand is particularly stable and securely supported. The rugged construction with four strong legs reliably absorbs the load of the forces generated during mixing. An articulated swivel arm allows complete freedom of movement during operation. A particular advantage is the gas-pressurized spring for lifting support. The height of the mixer can be regulated with ease during mixing, ensuring that the entire contents of the tub are thoroughly mixed by the mixing tools. Afterwards the mixer can then be effortlessly moved back up again.

The Collomix RMX mixing station is suitable for both workshop and building site use. Weighing 17 kg it is sturdy yet easy to transport by its carrying handle at the same time. The mixing station is designed to be used with the new Xo series of hand-held mixers from Collomix. In combination with the DUO two-spindle hand-held mixer it is a particularly powerful solution.

Applications for which the mixing stations and Collomix DUO machines really demonstrate their effectiveness include industrial flooring, concrete renovation work, heat insulation systems or all types of covering work. The intensive mixing of the materials which is required with the two-spindle machines and the equally effortless setting up work involved and upright working position at the mixer held on the station, ensure professional mixing results in combination with optimum ergonomics.

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