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09/12-13   -   Press releases

DUO Mixers - with the power of two stirrers

Collomix adds to the new generation of its hand-held mixers with the “Xo 55 Duo" model featuring a two-spindle mixer.

Following the successful market launch of the Collomix Xo single-spindle hand-held mixers, Collomix now adds the new “Xo 55 Duo" two-spindle model to its modern range of mixers.

Mixing without physical strain
Hand-held forced-action mixers such as the new Xo 55 Duo have a long tradition in the range of products from Collomix, the leading specialist in mixing technology. While these machines have always been in demand from specialists in renovation work and coverings, many building professionals now value the definite advantages of the mixers with the two counter-rotating mixing tools. The crucial advantage of the Duo mixers is that there is no counter-torque acting on the machine and user through the stirrers. This is completely eliminated by the counter-rotating mixer. The new Duo can therefore be used to mix even highly viscous and stiff materials with amazingly little effort. Working together as a pair, the mixing tools ensure that the material is mixed quickly and thoroughly whatever the material or viscosity. This delivers mixing results of a far superior quality, while saving time and energy into the bargain.

Innovative technology with electronic speed control
Like all Xo models, the Xo 55 Duo is also a completely new development from Collomix. Behind the attractive design is a completely new concept in mixer technology. In combination with a 1450 W motor with a continuous rating, the high-performance gear unit generates enormous torque for powerful operation. Low-wear components and modern materials ensure the long service life and service-proven reliability that building professionals expect from the Collomix brand. The new Xo 55 Duo offers infinitely adjustable electronic speed controls for sensitive starting and stopping, which also makes for light work with less physical effort and no splashing.

Double the benefit from two stirrers
With the two MK stirrers which are ideally suitable for mixing concrete, screed, mortar and plaster, the Xo 55 Duo offers the big advantage of allowing two different mixing actions with just a single pair of stirrers. The mixing tools simply have to be swapped over. Then, instead of mixing from the bottom up, you can mix particularly thin-bodied materials by forcing them down from the top. To enable the stirrers to be changed quickly and without the need for tools, the Xo 55 Duo comes with the patented HEXAFIX quick-action coupling from Collomix already fitted. The shafts have codes on them to make sure that the tools are always fitted correctly and eliminate any risk of damage during use.

Modern design and ergonomics mean outstanding functionality
For Collomix, attractive design is synonymous with special utility and outstanding ergonomics when it comes to using the Xo machines in practice. One example on the Xo 55 Duo is the handle level which is 50 mm higher. The results are impressive, since they now make it possible to work and mix while standing upright with a straight back and minimum strain, meaning enormous benefits for the operator. An optimized mixing tool arrangement enables the mixer to be guided through the material with ease.

The two handle grips were designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of hand-guided mixing. Like the steering wheel of a car, they fit perfectly into your hands to give you optimum control when guiding the machine while requiring much less effort at the same time.

For the new Xo 55 Duo, Collomix has integrated the function of the tried-and-tested guard handle directly in the machine construction. A rugged metal frame provides proactive protection on all sides if the machine is ever dropped. This new construction gives it optimum protection against damage should it be dropped from anything up to a meter and ensures that the handles can never be set down in the dirt at the building site.

Progress through performance and quality
With the new Xo 55 Duo, Collomix offers a high-performance mixing tool featuring innovative mixing technology. For the professional handyman the machine is well worth the investment, especially in terms of productivity aspects, because it not only reduces mixing times but greatly increases the amount that can be mixed (ideally up to 90 liters) when compared to a single-spindle machine. Investing in this machine will pay for itself in next to no time. The advantages in economic terms are therefore also matched by the far superior quality of the mixing results and increased satisfaction of the operators.

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