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13/01-14   -   Press releases

Signal Integrity Expert visits Europe in May for Nordic SI Week

The signal integrity expert Lee Ritchey from Silicon Valley is coming to Stockholm in May to teach practical techniques for designing "first-time-right" digital circuit boards. “Lee is known for documenting everything with actual measurements. And he shows how to build PCB’s that can carry crazy fast signals without going overboard in expensive high-density (HDI) techniques that may be difficult to efficiently manufacture" explains CEO Rolf Ostergaard from EE-Training, who organizes the event with support from Gateline (Cadence) and Silica.

Understanding how to efficiently use materials and what really matters for EMI and signals is the key learning from the 3 courses running as part of "Nordic SI Week 2014" in Stockholm Maj 5-9th. The event, which last year pulled in more than 70 participants from across EU, provides the participants with all the knowledge required to build modern high speed boards for optimal operation and efficient manufacture.

The first course of the week is a 3-day signal integrity class, which targets all. No matter if you design microcontroller based circuits or terrabit routers. The class focusses on the theory and how to use that in practical circuit design. Subjects like components for power and bypass, what to look for in IC packages and how to specify PCB stackups is included as well. Design problems submitted by the participants are specifically addressed by Lee Ritchey on the last day.

On Thursday, participants can learn easy simulation techniques and see through hands-on exercises how the theory works. Last day of the SI Week is a full day course in stackup design. This subject is getting more and more attention as the PCB is now a very key component of many designs. This has serious impact for both PCB layouters, design engineers and purchasing managers. The shift going through the industry these years requires designers to be much more active in specifying and selecting manufacture of PCB’s for optimal results.

Lee Ritchey have published two books on signal-integrity. The first book is sold out, but a pdf version can be downloaded from the EE-Training we page. The second book is part of the course material for the first course of the week.

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