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22/01-14   -   Press releases

Translation Company is opening new offices

Techni-Translate moves to new offices in Esslingen to provide better service and easier access for their customers

The staff of Techni-Translate have already moved into their newly renovated offices, in more spacious quarters closer to their customers in industry. The technical translation company offers professional translation services for all kind of documents, complying with a demanding quality process. Technical documentation is translated by qualified and specialized translators as well as by engineers with many years of experience in different areas of industry. The certification and quality of translations is guaranteed by specified standards and DIN 15038 procedures during the different stages of the process.

Translation services for technical documentation include the professional translation of manuals, catalogs, parts lists, press releases, and more. Website translations and localization services are also offered. To ensure successful software and website localization, the details of the language of the respective countries are carefully considered. Experience in the web design field, together with a wide variety of different localization projects, ensure a professional, multi-lingual corporate website for the successful presentation of products or services abroad.

The permanent objective of the translation service provider is to meet customer needs for every project awarded. This is possible thanks to modern translation memory systems (TMS) and other technological solutions, which not only save costs and shorten delivery times, but especially maintain the quality and uniformity of texts among all company documentation translated. Due to the engagement of specialized technical translators and proofreaders with many years of translation experience in the required subject, correct understanding and accurate translation of technical texts is guaranteed, using appropriate technical terminology and considering other specific details of the language in the specific target country.

Techni-Translate also offers online translation solutions. Many years of experience have made it possible to create the specialized technical dictionary dictindustry, where the customer can search for translations of special terminology that cannot be found easily in any other online dictionary and which is commonly used in many industrial fields, such as packaging technology, robotic automation, pump technology, filling and metering technology, and others. The customer is also given personalized access through the Customer Portal, which provides a general, clear overview of orders and the cost of translations.

Techni-Translate understands customer needs, and their goal is to meet them. For this reason, customers from industry trust the excellent translation service, quality, flexibility, price, and punctuality that the translation company offers.

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Techni-Translate Technical Translations
Marktplatz 5/1
Esslingen, England


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