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26/02-14   -   Press releases

A Danish Fairytale

In the past few years Danish watch brand, Obaku, has grown exponentially. The secret lies in having found a niche that works. From the land of famous fairytale author, Hans Christian Andersen, come the designers of Obaku. The two Danish gentlemen behind the Obaku watches are at the root of what has spiraled the established brand into a great upwards trend, creating their own fairytale to be told.

A niche in designer watches. Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengaard Ruge are the Danish designers behind every Obaku watch.
"Within the past few years especially, we have really found our niche and honed in on designs that work for us", says Obaku brand manager, Henriette Arvin.
"Thanks to some genius and simple designs from Christian and Lau we now have a core collection, which is really fuelling our growth".
The core collection, which Obaku's brand manager is referring to, is essentially a line of very feminine, minimalist designer watches.
"All our watches have the identity of Obaku engrained in them", says Henriette Arvin. "They will not go out of fashion next year, and because of their simplicity their beauty will last. Also ten years from now".

According to the Danish brand manager, this is exactly the trademark of Danish designs - that they will stand the test of time.
"If you look at the Opera house in Sydney or a Swan chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, these look as modern today as they did fifty years ago. The same will go for an Obaku watch."

A world wide success
"It is funny what happens when you hit something that is just right", says Henriette Arvin. "It is the same designs that are popular from Cape Town to Tel Aviv to Sydney. Apparently people across the world can all agree on what is beautiful".
Obaku is represented in more than fifty countries world wide and opening up many new markets.
"We are still looking for the right partners in some markets", says Henriette Arvin. "It is an exciting process to be in; because we can see that any markets we open up, with our core collection, have success".

Inspired by Nature
Throughout time Danish designers have been inspired by the nature which surrounds them. Jorn Utzon was clearly inspired by seashells he found on the Danish shores when he drew the Sydney opera house. The name Obaku stems from a branch of the Zen philosophy, which asks you to live in the moment. This is where Obaku has found inspiration for its images from the green forest that form the background for Obaku displays and advertisements.

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