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03/03-14   -   Press releases

Babyready?: Dating site for broody singles launches in UK

A new dating site especially for broody men and women launches in UK.

The site, aptly named Love & Kids, claims to be unique in that it eliminates "time-wasters" who are not interested in having children. Since the launch of the dating site in Denmark last summer, it has proven to be a great success. Within long, the site had more than 4,000 profiles, and this has encouraged the Danish-French founder, Emmanuel Limal, to roll out the site in UK. The launch date is March 3rd.

Not long after Internet access became available for the everyman, online dating sites began to flourish. Until very recently, however, none of them catered to the interests of people who are looking for someone to start a family with.

With Love & Kids, this has changed. On this dating site, men and women can create a profile in order to meet someone who is not only interested in tracking down dates, but also wishes to find love and start a family.

More than 4,000 Danes - 51% women and 49% men - have joined the website since its launch in the summer of 2013. This has given the Danish-French founder, Emmanuel Limal, the idea of rolling out the concept in other European countries. First up is the UK on March 3rd.

Mutual baby wishes
People keen to start a family no longer have to fear announcing their future baby plans. The launch of Love & Kids makes it possible for broody people to find matches on a site that wants to get rid of the idea that "children" is a word to be prohibited in the dating world. This is the original reason why Emmanuel Limal launched the dating site.

"One day I read a profile from a 38-year-old, who said she knew it was "˜really inadequate to admit it', but she wanted children. And I just thought: "˜When a 38-year-old woman is apologizing for dreaming of children, the world is walking upside-down.' Three months later, I remortgaged my apartment to set up this dating site, allowing users to not be ashamed of their wish of kids running around," explains Limal, who himself is expecting a baby with his girlfriend at the end of March.

Huge potential in the UK
While Love & Kids is steadily growing in Denmark, the prospects of success in the UK are very much present. Around one fifth of all UK women born are childless at the age of 45 - and the number is increasing.
According to the Office of National Statistics, this increase may be explained by a variety of reasons, such as a decline in women getting married; a greater social acceptability of a child-free lifestyle; and the costs and benefits of childbearing versus work and leisure activities.

In 2001, 28 per cent of women with degree level qualifications remained childless and almost half of them ended up with none or one child. In comparison, only 5 per cent of all 18-24 year olds expect to remain childless. This makes the time of the Love & Kids launch extraordinarily appropriate.

● Digital résumé on Emmanuel Limal:
● 9 million singles are registered for online dating in UK (about 14% of the UK population)
● 1/5 of all UK women born are childless at the age of 45
● Only 5 per cent of all 18-24 year olds expect to remain childless
● In 2001, almost half of women with degree level qualifications ended up with none or one child
● For the women approaching the end of their reproductive years, almost half (44 per cent) did not have the child they originally intended

The Danish-French founder, Emmanuel Limal is in London now and available for interviews from today (monday 3rd March) till thursday 6th March in the evening

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