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01/04-14   -   Press releases

Boat holidays finally arrive in Denmark has become the first and only holiday operator to hire out modern motorboats for exploring the beautiful, clean fjords in Denmark.

The form of the holiday is the same as in many European countries where you can sail on rivers and canals without any kind of certificate or other requirements. From just 30 km outside of Copenhagen you can now sail the historical waters that the world-famous Danish Vikings once set out from, enjoy the charming harbours and towns, see art and culture, fish, swim, and, last but not least, experience the light Nordic nights.

For the first time ever, you can now spend your holidays in Denmark in modern and well-equipped Fjord boats.

The boats, which are about the same size as a good-sized camper, have beds for 6 persons and are fitted with all the modern and safety-related equipment. They can be hired out on a weekly basis or by special arrangement and can be sailed by anyone over the age of 18 without any special previous experience or certificates.

You can sail the boats on Zealand, just 30 km from the capital city of Copenhagen, on Roskilde Fjord and Isefjorden to be precise, since the calm waters in these Danish fjords are ideal for this type of holiday. The water quality is known to be one of the best in Europe and the fjords offer many kilometres of clean coasts, countless small coves, islets, hillsides, bays, beaches and islands, - in short, unique experiences of nature.

If you're missing town life and want something different to the quiet and beauty of nature, the 22 harbours and many charming, historical towns en route will satisfy the dreams of all "crewmembers".

No matter what or how many experiences you're looking for, with you can design exactly the type of holiday you want. The boats are fitted out to cope with the full spectrum of the Danish climate, including a sundeck on the roof where mattresses and cup holders remind you of bathing holidays, and with the indoor facilities such as the TV and Wi-Fi, you'll be prepared for when the Danish weather occasionally means a game of cards or a good book, while also taking in the most fantastic view of the sea you can imagine.

The fjords are home to a rich and versatile habitat, where you can experience the fun of catching your own fish for the grill or your own fjord shrimps, which the whole family can peel on the boat's "terrace", in other words first-class nature, gourmet and family fun. also hires out folding bikes, adding to your holiday experience and giving you mobility on land, for example should you simply need to pop and get some breakfast things. They also make it easier for you to visit the attractions en route, and although the history of the Vikings continues to be the most famous and popular attraction in the area, there are also lots of other things to experience, such as visiting Roskilde Cathedral, the charming little island of Orø, Sommerland Sjælland amusement park, galleries, museums, wellness centres, castles, golf courses, festivals, farm shops, shops, restaurants etc.

Departures and arrivals take place in the two biggest towns, Roskilde and Holbæk. On departure all guests receive thorough instruction in operating the boat, the safety regulations, consideration of the fjord and the general rules for sailing on the fjord. wants everyone to feel safe on their trip, and although the boats only draw 45 cm and produce only 30 hp, you must of course apply some common sense on the water.

However, having said that, anyone can operate these boats provided they follow the instructions. So says Sanne Svanholt from, who is looking forward to welcoming guests on board.


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