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09/04-14   -   Press releases

New Danish 4-volume book maps human consciousness

Qvistgaard Publishing Releases "The Ringbearer's Diary": A Four-Volume Book Mapping Human Consciousness

"Ancient myths, classical music and dream language - including the corridor system in the Cheops Pyramid - may be used to map human consciousness", says Danish author Peter Kjaerulff in "The Ringbearer´s Diary", published April 2014, in English and Danish by Qvistgaard Publishing, Denmark. Book One "˜Wolfgang' of this 4-volume work not only deals with the life and death of Mozart, the legendary Atlantis and the legends of Moses and Ramses, but also presents a groundbreaking parallel double study of Tolkien´s and Wagner´s Ring-stories, while a completely new interpretation of The Great Pyramid opens a door to the depths of the human mind. "The Ringbearer´s Diary" is a superior work of literature that will appeal to everyone, a fairy tale with nuances and suspense to match Tolkien, a self-help book whose depth and humanity ensure its immediate usefulness - and also a wonderful autobiographical, cultural and historical novel. The language is clear, strong, yet immensely compressed and full of humor. Author Peter Kjaerulff says: "As an independent researcher, I have reached results engendered by the understanding of two forces present in the universe: the energy of harmony and that of discord. By observing these entities, I have elaborated a detailed map of the human consciousness. The energy of discord has successfully covered up human consciousness for millennia, blocking our possibility of answering the Big Questions. Obser-vation of the interaction between the two forces enables me to account for all "mechanisms" of human life. Straightforward answers are offered also to problematic ethical questions. I am indebted to J.R.R. Tolkien and to Richard Wagner; thanks to them I have been able to trace "The Cursed Ring" and reveal its innermost nature." Qvistgaard Publishing is proud to present the first step of the complete release of this 4-volume work. Book One: "Wolfgang" is released April 2014 in English and Danish, as an e-book in the digital formats pdf, epub and mobi (for Kindle). Price (English e-book): £16,5 /€20. Book Two: "The Ring and the Pyramid" will be published later in 2014 or in early 2015. Book Three: "The Sphinx" Part 1 "˜The Machine', and Part 2 "˜The Tree' are scheduled for publishing in 2015. Finances permitting, the books will later appear in print.

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