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25/06-14   -   Press releases

New winter wine & food tours from BKWine: Chile & Argentina, and South Africa

Two new wine and food tours are on the winter program from the wine tour specialist BKWine: Chile & Argentina, and South Africa. The tour to South America takes place in February and the South Africa wine tour is scheduled for March. Both tours include several winery visits and private tastings as well as gourmet meals, plus other attractions. The tours are led by two internationally recognised wi

BKWine is a leading tour and travel operator specialised in high quality wine tours and gastronomic travel. The two winter destinations are both to the southern hemisphere and include a mix of wine events, food, culture, nature, and wildlife experiences.

The wine and food tour to South America includes both Argentina and Chile. The tour starts with a few days in Buenos Aires to experience this great city. It then continues to the wine country of Mendoza, Argentina's premier wine region, at the foot of the Andes. From Mendoza the tour takes the traveller across the Andes with a spectacular road trip reaching 3000 m (9000 ft) altitude with views of the 6000 m (18,000 ft) summits of the Andes. In Chile the tour takes the traveller to the wine districts of Santa Cruz and Casablanca Valley. Several of the two countries' top wineries are on the program. The legendary port city of Valparaiso is also on the itinerary, as well as a few days in Santiago, where the tour ends. The traveller will be treated to some of the best of what the two countries have to offer in wine and food. It also gives plenty of opportunities to enjoy the culture and landscape of these two great, but very different, neighbouring South American countries. This luxurious tour extends over two weeks, from 31 January to 15 February 2015 and is available at a price of 4800 euro.

The wine and food tour to South Africa begins in Cape Town where visits to the curious Table Mountain and other sites are included. The core of the trip is dedicated to the wine regions of South Africa, for example the "wine capital" Stellenbosch and the charming Franschhoek. This tour also, uniquely, features the wine regions of Hermanus and Walker Bay, east along the south coast. These are wine districts that many wine connoisseurs today consider among South Africa's most exciting but that are rarely visited. The program includes many occasions to enjoy the South African gastronomy, spectacular landscapes, nature, and amazing wild life. This exclusive tour extends over ten days, from 27 February to 10 March 2015 and is available at 2800 euro.

Both tours are led by Britt and Per Karlsson together with experienced local guides. Britt and Per are multiple award winning wine writers and internationally recognised wine journalists and wine photographer. They personally visit some 300 wineries each year.

Britt comments on these two long-distance wine tours: "Our tours are a bit special. We are not linked to any wine importer or anyone else in the wine trade, so we can select what we consider the very best places to visit, without any peripheral commercial considerations. And since we are also journalists and wine writers we have a unique network of contacts in the wine regions. This means that we can do a type of winery visits that others cannot do. Therefore our tour programs give the wine enthusiast traveller a very different, more in-depth insight into the wine regions we visit, always with very, very personal reception, usually by the winery owner or the winemaker."

BKWine is a tour operator specialised in top quality wine tours and gourmet tours. BKWine tours have been named "world's top wine tours" by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Each year BKWine organises around 30 wine tours, both custom designed for private parties and scheduled.

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BKWine AB is run by Britt and Per Karlsson, of Swedish origin. There are four main activities:
- Wine & food tours
- Wine journalism
- Wine photography, wine stock image library:
- Wine consulting

BKWine is active in several wine related fields. The main business is organising wine tours for wine enthusiasts and wine professionals who want to visit wine regions to learn more about wine. Each year BKWine organises some 30 wine tours. The wine tours have been named World's Top Wine Tours by Travel + Leisure. BKWine has written and published several wine books that have won national and international awards. BKWine also publishes an online newsletter on wine, The BKWine Brief, which reaches some 20,000 subscribers. Britt and Per are members of the British Circle of Wine Writers (CWW), the International Wine Writers Federation (FIJEV), the French Wine Press Association (APV), the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS) and several other wine and gastronomic organisations.

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