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11/04-14   -   Press releases

Efficient investment management strategy offered by Group-L Group of Companies

Successful Group-L investment consultant gives financial recommendations, invests and manages the assets together with the clients and for the clients on the territory of the CIS, USA and Europe.

Group-L Group of Companies unites the financial market professionals rendering the investment services of a wide array. Based on the Six degrees of separation and guided by knowledge of the financial sector operation principles the experts render the specific services. At first instance, this is individual advices on the issues of the efficient investment management. The Company does not attract the partners' funds, but gives the recommendations how to dispose of them in a correct way.

Today the financial advices are already available for the current Group-L clients which allow defining to the fullest degree the promising investment patterns. The recommendations on the issues of efficient investment to certain safest and most red-hot economy sectors raise the possibility to increase own income without any risk.

The Group of Companies has successfully survived the financial crisis, has improved the strategy and has succeeded in causing the profit growth. The wide geographic footprint affords the opportunity to choose the most efficient investment patterns within various countries. All this allows to the clients to keep surety in the partner's right choice, constant profit growth and risk mitigation.

Reference data on Group-L Group of Companies:
· Group-L Group of Companies has been founded in 2005 as a holding, has been reorganized in 2010 and at the present time it holds all necessary financial instruments.
· The founder and Executive Director of Group-L is Volodymyr Sheroziia, Ph.D. in Economics. He works at ground zero, succeeded in overcoming the crisis which has destroyed a great number of investment groups, expanded and improved the range of services.
· Group-L has obtained the accreditation of the hugest and oldest broker of Interactive Brokers all over the world as an investment consultant.
· Toward the end of 2013 the Group of Companies succeeded in causing the profit growth and client base in two times in comparison with 2010.


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Volodymyr Sheroziia


Group-L Group of Companies
Sulgeneckstrasse 19
CH-3007, Bern,Switzerland, England


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