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26/05-14   -   Press releases

ioGates provides video hosting solutions for Danish Broadcasting Corporation

In the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2014, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, needed to be able to upload and download large media files and subsequently share, edit and distribute them to editors, producers and filmmakers in the 37 participating countries.

The task required a video management system, preferably in the form of a cloud solution. ioGates was capable of satisfying these specifications, and therefore, the Danish company was given the task of providing a video hosting solution that made it possible to share media files between the participating countries.

ioGates provided a solution that can handle and convert many different media files.
-DR needed a cloud solution where audio and video files could be exchanged among the participating countries. DR also needed to able to edit and manipulate files and send them back to each country for approval. It was known beforehand that files in various formats would be sent and the system therefore had to be capable of converting many different file types, explains Jesper Andersen,
director of ioGates.

An advanced FTP server
The technical solution from ioGates functioned as an advanced FTP server - an online file conversion system or an exchange platform where users could share, convert and distribute large media files. One of the advantages of this particular system was that with ioGates, it was not necessary to download the files first. They could be seen directly when logged in. All handling of files took place in this way with ioGates, and anyone who had a password could access the cloud and work with the files.
- The distinct advantage of the system is that very little technical knowledge or prior experience is required to use it. ioGates' cloud system works intuitively and can be used by anyone without the need of IT support. It makes our system useful, especially when there are multiple players involved in a project, as was the case with DR, says Jesper Andersen.

A user-friendly system
With the cloud solution from ioGates, those responsible in the 37 participating countries could comment and provide feedback on each individual file without having to send emails, because by using ioGates' solution, it is possible to add comments to each file, just as it is possible to edit and upload a new version.

- The project required a time-saving solution that was simple and user-friendly, where you did not have to be a technician to use it. Our system is targeted at many different customer groups. This is one of the strengths of our system, which in this connection had to be easily accessible to many different cultures and people with very different backgrounds, says Jesper Andersen.

In the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest, thousands of files were exchanged among the participating countries.


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