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12/01-15   -   Press releases

ioGates Signs Contract With Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

ioGates to Provide National Broadcaster With Easy-to-Use, Professional-Grade Cloud-Based Video-Sharing Platform

ioGates, a provider of cloud-based tools for sharing, converting, and distributing professional media files in a simple-to-use Web interface, has signed an agreement with public service broadcaster Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), the largest media organization in Norway. Under the agreement, ioGates will provide NRK with an ioGates-powered portal that makes it easy to share and exchange audiovisual content among its various departments and content partners. ioGates supplies similar hosting solutions to broadcasters such as Danish Broadcasting Corporation, TV3 Sport, TV 2 Denmark, and SBS Discovery.

"We've used other widely available video-sharing services in the past, but we were looking for a faster, more uniform solution built for video professionals "” one that would make it possible to share daily rushes among producers, directors, and others involved in new productions in order to make editing and programming decisions without delay," said Per Berge Engebretsen, post producer at NRK Drama. "We also wanted recipients to be able to view the content directly within the browser or cells without having to download it first. The ioGates portal fulfills those requirements and more."

The ioGates solution requires no advanced technical knowledge and no IT support. NRK users can upload, convert, share, and distribute content in any video format, making it possible for the various NRK departments and program producers to send, receive, and approve professional video files quickly.

The ioGates sharing service can be securely managed from within a Web browser. ioGates uses 2048-bit EV certificates to encrypt communication between users and its servers to ensure that files are transferred securely. While on ioGates servers, files are protected by redundancy and three parallel backup systems. If extra security is required, NRK users can enable two-factor authentication, whereby the recipient automatically receives a text message with a four-digit code required to access the shared files.

"Training is normally very time-consuming, but the ioGates portal is intuitive enough that anyone can use it without needing training or technical support, so we did not have to spend a great deal of time and resources on training," said Goran Mattson, producer at NRK Super. "Security is also very important because of the content we are sharing. We feel very secure with ioGates

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