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28/04-15   -   Press releases

Scandinavian Media Giant Chimney Group Chooses Cloud-Based Platform From ioGates

ioGates Professional-Grade Video-Sharing Platform Helps Chimney Group Collaborate Across Departments and With Partners.

ioGates, a provider of cloud-based tools for sharing, converting, and distributing professional media files in a simple-to-use Web interface, has installed an ioGates-powered portal at Stockholm-based Chimney Group, Scandinavia's largest private media organization. The portal will make it easy for Chimney Group "” which has 10 offices and more than 300 employees throughout Europe and in Sydney and Singapore "” to share and exchange audiovisual content among its various offices, departments, and content partners. ioGates supplies similar hosting solutions to broadcasters such as Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Viasat Sport, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and SBS-Discovery.

"We offer a wide and diverse range of production services, from conception and development to production and postproduction. At the same time, the people involved in a project can be just as widespread and diverse, with several people or groups of people needing to see the content and give input. Given the fast-paced nature of media production today, we need something that lets us share media immediately with whomever needs to see it "” including clients "” and do it with the utmost security," said Henric Larsson CEO of Chimney Group. "The ioGates platform is not only easy to access and use via Web browser by anyone we allow, anywhere they are, but the two-factor authentication for both logging in and sharing links gives us the security we need."

The ioGates solution requires no advanced technical knowledge and no IT support. Chimney Group users can upload, convert, share, and distribute content in any video format, making it possible for program producers and anyone in the various Chimney Group offices around the world to send, receive, and approve professional video files quickly. In addition, the onsite installation saves the company money in storage costs.

"To have the option to install ioGates on our own premises here in Stockholm made a big difference. With the volume of productions we have, it would have been too costly to rent that much storage in a hosted service," said Vincent Larsson, DI supervisor of Chimney Group. "We also use ioGates' ioConvert transcoding software, one of the fastest and most open transcoders we have worked with."

"Chimney Group can be confident knowing it will make its production deadlines with this simple yet sophisticated Web-based GUI that anyone can use immediately," said ioGates CEO Jesper Andersen. "Doing business with Chimney Group is significant not only because Chimney Group is the largest production company in Scandinavia, but because the deployment proves that the ioGates service is a viable option not just for broadcasters, but for any multisite "” and indeed multinational "” media organization."

About ioGates
ioGates offers tools for sharing, converting, viewing, distributing, and archiving professional media files without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Its hosted video-management services enable media companies to accelerate their broadcasting, postproduction, advertising, and marketing workflows with minimal IT resources and training. The company's flagship ioGates cloud-based video management platform is designed to handle a variety of professional video and audio formats and codecs, yet can be controlled securely from a simple-to-use Web interface. ioGates is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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