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22/07-14   -   Press releases

Grow your business - the smart way

BeeTooBee is a new global website for businesses looking to grow - the smart way. Find clients or outsource projects online and save time and money. BeeTooBee not only challenges the way you do business, but their business model aims to use business as a driving force to challenge global social and economic imbalances.

Nearly every business will at some point in time need to hire someone from another business to help with something they may not be experts in. Whether it's a web designer, management consultant or any other type of expertise, BeeTooBee can help any business find a great partner for outsourcing. BeeTooBee believes that business can be part of making the world a better place and by leveraging its platform will donate 20% of its earnings to UNICEF and World Food Programme.

BeeTooBee fills the gap
"The idea for BeeTooBee was born out of a frustration in trying to find reliable collaboration partners on various projects", says Jason Lorjé, founder and owner of the Danish based BeeTooBee. "It must be just as frustrating for high quality SMB's to break through "˜the noise' and find clients while managing all other business demands with limited resources. By outsourcing to reliable partners both businesses grow because each can concentrate on their core expertise. I believe very strongly in a shared economy and business is probably the most obvious driving force to bring about a better future for everyone, globally. BeeTooBee is a platform that addresses all of these factors at the same time."

Grow your business on our platform
BeeTooBee can help your small business grow in many ways. Looking for prospects and generating qualified sales leads is made easier. Use your profile to market your skills directly to those that are looking for them and increase your impact by getting your profile verified by us. When another business is looking for your skills BeeTooBee will cut your costs on lead generation and marketing by letting you know directly in your mailbox.

Easy to use workflow and low commission
BeeTooBee's workflow assures each business will find capable help efficiently. Contractors can post the work they need done with all the details of the job. Professionals submit offers for the project and contractors find user rated partners. While the professional completes the project, businesses can stay in touch through BeeTooBee's internal messaging system.Once the project has been completed, payments for work can be easily handled via BeeTooBee's site. Our low commission of 5% lets professionals pocket more of their hard earned cash.

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Jason Lorjé
Founder and owner
  +45 91 55 44 33


Hørsholmvej 41
3490 Kvistgård, England


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