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21/01-15   -   Press releases

Revolutionizing Technology for the Food Industry

With a newly launched double skinner, which makes it possible to create a new by-product when deep skinning salmon, Uni-Food has, with great success, produced intelligent and fully automatic technological equipment - reducing the need for labour costs.

Uni-Food Technic produces and develops, with great success, intelligent and fully automatic technological equipment for the food industry - reducing the need for labour cost. Now Uni-Food Technic is launching a new de-scaler and a double skinner with the purpose to increase potential earnings for salmon farmers.

The newly launched double skinner makes it possible to create a new by-product when deep skinning the salmon. What it does is that it is separating meat from the skin of the salmon. The purpose of this technique is to utilize the leftovers and use it for food rather than pet food. By applying this method, one is able to sell the by-product.

Continuously, the revolutionizing technology is developed based on an increasing demand for manufacturers having fresh and bacteria free products as well as a wish to focus on how the by-products can be made sellable.

Convert costs into profit

It is not in all countries that one can get rid of the by-products free. In America, one is obliged to pay for this service and therefore, room for changes are open. When one is able to de-scale the fish before running it through the double skinner, the skin can be sold as a by-product and extra costs are left out.

Another great advantage is that the de-scaler removes fish scales and cleans the fish on the inside as well as on the outside which keeps the amount of bacteria low. In the sushi industry this is of utmost importance as the bacteria level of the fish must be kept at an absolute minimum. Furthermore, for sushi chefs the fisheye is crucial and one cannot sell the fish without it. However, when the fish is run through the de-scaler the fish will be completely intact and fully sellable.

Who is Uni-Food Technics?

From its establishment back in 1985 and 5 years ahead, by Bjarne Normann Jensen, Uni-Food Technic was mainly a trading company. By 1990, an expansion was taken on and Uni-Food Technic developed its own production facilities.

Today, Uni-Food Technic has 25 employees and the main activity is to design and develop innovative factory lines for salmon, white fish, mackerel, as well as herring.

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