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10/03-15   -   Press releases

Uni-Food Technic chosen as a supplier of new plant in North Carolina

The Danish producer of modern technological equipment for the food industry, Uni-Food Technic, is chosen to be the supplier of two major deliveries for a new RC Creations plant in North Carolina.

The Danish producer and developer of modern technological equipment for the food industry, Uni-Food Technic, has due to their strict hygienic design been chosen to be the supplier for a RC Creations plant, a subsidiary of Acme Smoked Fish, in North Carolina.

The RC Creations project is based on a plant with the purpose of complementing Acme's existing locations in Brooklyn, New York, as well as Pompano Beach, Florida. In the future, the plant will accommodate future growth and sales opportunities internationally within the category of smoked seafood. Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is producing the highest quality smoked seafood items by identifying and purchasing fish from suppliers with superior standards.

A project in two major stages

Uni-Food Technic has already delivered the first part of the project consisting of packaging lines for smoked salmon. The greatest challenge with this delivery has been to develop technological equipment with as few surfaces as possible in order to make cleaning with a brush possible.

The second delivery is expected to be delivered in 2015. This delivery is unique as it exists of two big defrosting tanks as well as a filleting line for salmons.

A commitment to continuous improvement

The plant is expected to be essential in the making of high quality smoked seafood products and continuously, it will meet and exceed the current Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

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