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28/05-15   -   Press releases

New travel portal for golfers

GolfersGlobe is the name of a new travel portal which delivers information and inspiration to golfers who dream of travelling to play exotic courses. The portal will be the golf industry's answer to TripAdvisor. is a global virtual travel magazine, a one-stop-shop to search for information and get inspired. Thousands of beautiful photos make the site attractive for users who are already dreaming of their next golf vacation.

For most players, a golf vacation is about much more than what happens on the golf course. That's why GolfersGlobe is a complete travel guide, where you can read exciting articles and get useful insider information on finding the best beaches, restaurants and cultural attractions which will make a golf vacation even better.

Start your golf vacation at GolfersGlobe
The ambition is to deliver content with the width and quality to make the preferred information source when players are looking for their next golf vacation. Since the site went live, things have happened fast.

'We went live with what some might call a light version, but today we're already covering 12 of the most popular golf countries. All in all there are around 40 golf destinations worldwide you can already read about on," says Søren Barnak, one of the people behind the new travel portal.

All the information in one place
The new inspirational site, which is available in both Danish and English, will grow quickly in the months ahead. By the end of 2015, players will be able to get inspiration for golf vacations at 100 different destinations in 30 countries and choose from 1000 different golf courses and hotels.

'We live in an ever more complex information society, and many feel they are drowning in information which is spread over a number of platforms. It's easy to lose perspective and too much time is spend trying to find the information you want. With GolfersGlobe we've made it easy to plan your next golf vacation. All the information on hotels, golf courses, restaurants and sightseeing is collected in one place," explains Søren Barnak.

Wide co-operation with vendors
One of the strengths of is that it works seriously with content marketing. There are many advantages for hotels and golf courses, but travel agencies can also benefit from the site.

"Once users have found their next travel destination, it's time to book. Via golfers can click directly to a hotel's online booking. But many actually prefer to book their vacation through a travel agency," explains Søren Barnak.

That is why GolfersGlobe is in the process of establishing formal co-operation with several travel agencies. The idea is that users can be channelled directly to the bureau's online ordering system, where they can make a booking.

It's all about making it as easy as possible for users to book a golf vacation. From GolfersGlobe the message is clear: find a dream destination on GolfersGlobe - book directly or contact your local travel agency!

GolfersGlobe - let the journey begin.

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