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12/08-15   -   Press releases

CloudCutout revolutionise Adobe's Photoshop

It is no secret that Google is smitten with machine learning and the endless possibilities of automation. Now, Copenhagen-based machine learning-startup CloudCutout is predicted to revolutionize the cut-out industry,- and they have just raised their first seed round from Danish SEED Capital.

Today most cut-outs are done via vendors from low salary countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam, where hundreds of graphical workers perform thousands of cut-outs on computers via Adobe Photoshop. An easy cut-out (of a bottle or similar) can be done in minutes, but pictures with fur, hair and especially pictures taken outdoors can be very difficult and take up to half an hour to cut-out.

CloudCutout has developed a unique software-engine to automatically cut out a simple product or person from any standard background. In time, when the algorithm gets wiser, more challenging images can be cutout automatically. Photographers therefore no longer need complicated green screen equipment for school portraits or pack-shots. CloudCutout can do these cut-outs in seconds.

"We have met customers who are happy that we can do green screen knockouts cheaper and better than most vendors today, but they are in total awe when we show them the opportunity to also knockout from a white or gray background", says Jonas Pilgaard, Partner at CloudCutout.

Founded by industry experts
CloudCutout was founded by Toke Jansen and Henrik Paltoft. Toke is one of the brightest minds within machine learning and neural networks in Denmark. In 2011 he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University and in 2013 he finished his Ph.D. studies, on which the technology of CloudCutout is built. Henrik is a serial entrepreneur and has more than 20 years of experience from building software solutions to the industry of graphic designers.

Zooming in on school photography
In January CloudCutout attended the Photo Marketing Associations conference in Las Vegas and stumbled upon a need for better, less expensive green screen knockouts, particularly among school photographers.

In most of US school photography, it is a standard that parents can choose the background of their kids' school portraits, which is a trend believed to be on the rise in Europe. Today, a standard knockout in bulk cost approximately 50 cents per image. CloudCutout only charge half (25 cents), which gives the industry a much-needed cost reduction. School, sport and church photography in the US represents a market with an estimated volume of 180 million images/year.

CloudCutout will be launching their Adobe Photoshop plugin during the fall. This solution allows users to remove the background of studio images with a click of a button.

For further information

CloudCutout: Chief Commercial Officer, Jonas Pilgaard, phone: +45 21401070

SEED Capital: Investment Manager, Helle Uth, phone: +45 5150 1919

SEED Capital: Communications Manager, Line Grønlykke, phone: +45 4111 2191


About CloudCutout
CloudCutout has developed a software solution to automatically remove the background from studio images. The solution is build upon complex mathematical models and will be built seamlessly into Photoshop for graphic designers in publishing, web shops and school photography.

About SEED Capital
SEED Capital is Denmark's biggest venture capital fund within the seed segment. SEED Capital specializes in identifying, financing and developing competent and innovative entrepreneurial Technology and Medtech companies of the future and invests from seed stage through to exit.

Press contacts

Henrik Paltoft
  +45 40 13 84 10


Gl. Kongevej 178, 1 floor.
1850 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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