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29/01-24   -   Press releases

Successful business closure: Now the machines can be yours

It's a voluntary closure, explains Michael Thomasen, director and co-owner of Braarup Maskinfabrik ApS. Now, the many machines need new owners. This will happen through an auction.

"We've had a really good business, but now it's time for the machines to move on," Michael Thomasen, director and co-owner of Braarup Maskinfabrik ApS, explains. He elaborates that the location of the factory is the fundamental reason why the company is closing, and therefore the machines need new owners:

"There has been residential development near our property, and it has not been possible for us to find other locations nearby that could meet our requirements for running a business. That's why the machines are now being sold at auction."

A Google search and a gut feeling

The Randers-based auction house Campen Auktioner is behind the two online auctions selling assets and machines from Braarup Maskinfabrik ApS. It was a Google search that led Michael Thomasen to Randers. "I searched on Google and found Campen Auktioner. After discussions with the auction house, I had a good gut feeling, and that's why it ended up being the auction solution," he explains. He adds that the opportunity to reach as many potential buyers as possible is also appealing:

"It's a huge task. Everything must go. Everything. And it's just an overwhelming task on your own. In addition, the hope is, of course, that the auctions can also attract buyers from outside Denmark."

In the two online auctions currently open for bidding on Campen Auktioner's website, there are over 500 catalog numbers. Braarup Maskinfabrik ApS has been operating as a blacksmith and machine factory for many years, and the last machines were turned off in mid-January this year. So, all the machines have been in use right up to the last day, and therefore, they are well-maintained and reliable machines that can be bid on, emphasizes Michael Thomasen:

"We turned off the last machines on Friday, January 12th."

The two online auctions include a multitude of exciting items, and in auction no. 9613, there can be bids on CNC milling machines, including newer machines from Mazak, cranes, lathes, and band saws. Auction no. 9614 offers measuring equipment (micrometers, calipers, gauges, tilt meters), welding equipment, tool holders (ISO50, BT40, and SK40), milling tools, and various steel lots.

The auctions are open for bids, and interested parties are encouraged to visit the auction platform to learn more about the many machines.

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