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23/08-16   -   Press releases

Ultra-Seal introduces its products to the European Commercial Vehicle Market

Unparalleled attributes and test results in the history of the pneumatic tyre

After more than 40 years of operations in the US, Ultra-Seal now expands its boundaries overseas and introduces its preventative tyre sealant liquid to the Commercial Vehicle Market.

Benefits "˜The ultimate tyre life extender' is a preventative tyre sealant liquid which was invented to protect tyres from leakage, punctures and blowouts. It seals most punctures as they happen, achieving a permanent repair, it ensures heat reduction, extends tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre, minimizes tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. It remains effective for the complete life of the tyre, without having to undergo extra maintenance. Ultra-Seal is environmentally friendly and provides the driver with an extra safety factor.

Test results The first European pilot user and one of the largest transport companies in Europe, DSV Road Holding NV, realised the importance of getting Ultra-Seal to the European Market, following the staggering test results of a one-year practice test involving one thousand DSV trailers.

After 9 months of normal trailer operations with 500 new vehicles equipped with Ultra-Seal and 500 new vehicles without Ultra-Seal, the test results were conclusive: With the same specifications, the same tyres and the same regular work all over Europe, the number of tyre problems were reduced by a staggering 75% for the tyres equipped with Ultra-Seal, of which 66% was the direct result of the use of Ultra-Seal. The number of tyre blowouts declined by 7% and the number of other tyre-related damage incidents declined by 8%.

In terms of money DSV's responsible fleet manager, Søren Lund: "˜Our average tyre breakdown cost is 528 euros. With a tyre problem reduction of 66%, we have achieved a cost reduction for the DSV-fleet, amounting to 1.5 million euros per year. Subtracting the investment of inserting the Ultra-Seal product, which would come to a total amount of 500,000 euros per year for our fleet of 8,500 trailers, it saves us an unbelievable 1,000,000 euros per year.'

Other European users Ultra-Seal can be used for all commercial vehicles, from light trucks to heavy mining equipment. After seeing and hearing DSV's test results, the second extensive Ultra-Seal user has already made its appearance: ICTS in Zeebrugge is now equipping its entire fleet with Ultra-Seal.
Delivery from stock.

The product and its accessories are available from stock and will be delivered to European customers from the central warehousing facility in Belgium. Furthermore, DSV owns 5 service centres in Europe, all equipped to install the Ultra-Seal product for external freight forwarders and hauliers.

The Introduction The Ultra-Seal team is fully operational and the website is live. The product launch officially announced on 15 June 2016 with a press conference and an introduction event in the Netherlands.

Ultra-Seal will participate in the largest International Trade Fair for Mobility, Transportation and Logistics in Europe, the IAA in Hannover, from 22-29 September 2016, located in Hall 25.

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