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06/09-16   -   Press releases

Ultra-Seal's first large sales successes in the European Commercial Vehicle Market

"˜The Ultimate Tyre Life Extender' is rapidly gaining new customer names

After its introduction to the European Commercial Vehicle Market in June 2016, Ultra-Seal has received interest from companies all over Europe, throughout the professional transport sector. TIP TRAILERS After DSV, ICTS and Ancotrans, Ultra-Seal can now also add TIP Trailers Sweden and MAN-dealer ROSIERVANDENBOSCH to its customer base. Furthermore, large bus companies, truck owners, trailer constructors and heavy-duty equipment users have shown interest in purchasing the preventative tyre sealant liquid to overcome breakdowns, provide an extra safety factor and to save on fuel costs. Mr Martin Nielsen, Country Operations Manager of TIP Trailers Sweden, says: 'After hearing about the results of Ultra-Seal in the DSV fleet, we could not ignore the fact that Ultra-Seal could be valuable for our business and for our customers' business operations. We have tested the product and are now using it, and we are already able to fill tyres of internal and external vehicles at our workshop in Gothenburg, and in the near future also at Jönköping and Helsingborg. We are very enthusiastic about the product and our expectations are high in terms of the benefits for the professional transport sector.' Distributors Ultra-Seal is currently working on further expanding its reach via national distributors. The first new distributor for the French market is Henko, with Ludovic Morel as director of both Henko and Angels Group who own Auto Clean Service and Autobella. These two car wash leaders have over 100 stations in France. Henko has already started the distribution in France, to targeted transport companies, truck dealers and the OEM market. Environment The Ultra-Seal product is environmentally-friendly. Official reports from Mediator A/S state that the product does not harm the environment, due to the ingredients which contain less than 30% ethylene glycol. It can be rinsed off with just a little bit of water and can be flushed through the drain. Product Benefits "˜The ultimate tyre life extender' is a preventative tyre sealant liquid which was invented to protect tyres from leaks, punctures and blowouts. It seals most punctures as they happen, achieving a permanent repair, it ensures heat reduction, extends tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. It remains effective for the complete life of the tyre, without having to undergo extra maintenance. Ultra-Seal is environmentally friendly and provides the driver with an extra safety factor. The IAA Ultra-Seal will participate in the IAA in Hannover, from 22-29 September 2016, located in Hall 25, stand D61. Customer background information DSV is one of the largest transport companies in Europe with a fleet of more than 8500 trailers, with its headquarters near Copenhagen. ICTS is a Belgium-based trailer rental company with more than 3500 trailers in operation in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. ANCOTRANS is a trucking company that moves 20000 containers a month, with 550 trucks running and 1100 chassis in operation, with its headquarters in Copenhagen. TIP TRAILERS SWEDEN has 3 workshops in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Jönköping and has 2000 units in operation. ROSIERVANDENBOSCH bedrijfswagens serves as MAN dealer in the Netherlands, for new and used MAN trucks, providing service, maintenance and parts via 3 workshops, along with rental equipment and its own truck wash station. De Jong Zuurmond in Beesd is the first end-user of the Ultra-Seal product via ROSIERVANDENBOSCH. The press conference during the IAA will take place at the booth (Hall 25, D61) on 22 September 2016 from 12:15-12:45.

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