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21/03-18   -   Press releases

The Danish Road Safety Agency retracts amended guidelines on Trailer MOT in Denmark

Tyre sealants are allowed in Danish registered trailers with immediate effect.

Amended guidelines for MOT (Synsvejledning) were presented on 1 January 2018, with the addition of a paragraph prohibiting the use of tyre sealants. Initiated by the Danish Tyre Association, this amendment has been studied further over the past 7 weeks by the Director and members of the Danish Parliament Transport Executive Board.

After receiving critical questions about the amendment, the Danish Road Safety Agency undertook a more thorough investigation and concluded that the change to the guidelines was wrong. On 21 February 2018, the Danish Parliament Transport Executive Board and the Minister of Transport therefore decided that the guidelines should revert back to the original version with immediate effect. Tyre sealants are not mentioned in these initial guidelines and may therefore be used in Danish registered trailers.

DSV’s fleet currently has over 7000 trailers with Ultra-Seal in their tyres and it will continue to put Ultra-Seal in the tyres of its entire trailer fleet.

DSV has seen a massive reduction in punctures, blowouts and breakdowns in tyres filled with Ultra-Seal, which means a significant improvement to road safety. Furthermore, its tyres last about 35% longer due to better tyre pressure and therefore less tyre wear because of Ultra-Seal.

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Guidelines attached (p. 292-293):


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