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24/10-17   -   Press releases

Danish start-up launches international partnership to prevent and treat diabetes through social media

The Team Type 1 Foundation and Danish-based software company 7peaks are launching a four-week challenge to bring together people affected by diabetes in a positive and empowering way to improve the quality of their lives.

November 14th serves as World Diabetes Day, and the Team Type 1 Foundation is kicking off its ‘Reach Your 100’ campaign, which gamifies health-related parameters like physical activity, eating habits and sleep with the goal of increased energy and balance in life.

“Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the billion dollar drugs that never get prescribed. Whether you live with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or have been told you have prediabetes, we encourage you to come together as the diabetes community to build a healthier future,” said Team Type 1 Founder and President Phil Southerland. “With the Reach Your 100 campaign, we are joining forces with 7peaks to tackle the global epidemic of physical inactivity through their individualized, multi-faceted and effective platform.”

Established in 2005, the Team Type 1 Foundation is a nonprofit organization pursuing a global mission of education, empowerment and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes. The organization works to increase diabetes awareness for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Through the 7peaks partnership, the Atlanta-based foundation aims to spread the message of a healthy, active lifestyle to the billions of people who need motivation.

Southerland was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just seven months old. Doctors told his mother he would be blind or dead by 25. Despite the grim diagnosis, he didn’t just overcome the odds but fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional cyclist. His ability to take control of his diabetes at a young age and grow up healthy sparked the idea to encourage others with diabetes to better manage their condition and to use sports as a platform.

Since 2014, the Team Type 1 Foundation has bestowed 271 college scholarships to athletes with diabetes who compete in a NCAA or NAIA sport worth approximately $400,000 through its Global Ambassador Program. For every 100 participants in the Reach Your 100 campaign, one new student athlete will receive a scholarship in 2018.

Since launching in 2014, 7peaks has inspired and guided more than 250,000 individuals to live better lives by implementing healthy habits into their everyday life through its innovative and engaging digital and gamified campaigns. Motivated by Southerland’s work as a global diabetes advocate, 7peaks recognized an opportunity for the organizations to work together and rewrite the rules of diabetes, exercise, and sports.

“We are kicking off our partnership by inviting people with diabetes from all over the world to sign up and experience our platform first hand starting on World Diabetes Day,” said 7peaks CEO Jesper Nyholm. “When was the last time you invested four weeks in your own life and strived to become a better, stronger, happier and more energetic version of yourself? Come together with the Team Type 1 Foundation and the rest of the world to reach your 100 percent and become the best possible version of you.”

To learn more about the World Diabetes Day “Reach Your 100’ campaign, visit and create a profile. Participants will be notified when it’s time to take the digital health check, which reveals their current health habits and body age. Before the month-long campaign kicks off, each member receives a personalized set of daily goals that outlines how to reach their 100 percent. Everyone’s 100 percent is unique and based on his or her current lifestyle habits and fitness. The challenge officially begins on November 14th.

On a daily basis, members track how many fruits and vegetables, snacks, and cups of coffee were consumed along with smoking and alcohol. Participants receive positive points for every minute of physical activity and by sleeping at least 7 hours a night. The goal is to average 100 percent throughout the month, which allows for good days and bad days, and will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life.

“You never can be 100% all the time. The trick is staying in the game and making every day count towards your overall average to become a better version of yourself,” Nyholm said. “Our design is to help you make small and consistent changes that are manageable over the long term. The campaign helps you develop the endurance to make it through the tough days and joins you in celebrating the great days.”

Throughout the campaign, experts will be available online to help participants reach their 100 percent by providing advice or guidance on diet, exercise, motivation or the campaign itself.

During the Reach Your 100 campaign, the Team Type 1 Foundation will award weekly prizes and the four- week challenge will culminate with a grand prize. The cost to join the month-long challenge is only $25 with a percentage going to the Team Type 1 Foundation.

Established in 2005, the Team Type 1 Foundation is a nonprofit organization pursuing a mission of education, empowerment and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes. Collaborating with governments, healthcare professionals, diabetes experts and individuals living with diabetes around the world, the Team Type 1 Foundation is bridging the gap to access and education through sustainable and economically viable solutions. For more information, visit:

ABOUT 7peaks
Established in 2014, Danish-based 7peaks believes that the right combination of technology, health science, game mechanics and purpose-driven communication is a game changer because they create and encourage habit-changing behaviors. 7peaks constantly works to create the strongest combination of ingredients to make it easier for people to achieve results and live a healthier life so they can peak 7 days a week. For more information, visit:

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