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24/03-17   -   Press releases

New online proofing security standard

Forget about unsecured emails. Get your documents approved faster through an ISO 27001-certified secure online platform that minimizes costs.

How Secure Is Your Document Proofing Process?
Is it too much to say that we live in an insecure world? Note that when we say "world," we mean the real and cyber worlds. In particular, we mean the digital world, where most all our business activities take place.
This is especially true when it comes to the document proofing process. You're extremely vulnerable when proofing documents for yourself or your clients.

If you are still using traditional, unsecured emails, change to secure online proofing!
Why? Because you're doing things the old and definitely outdated way. From a security point of view, unsecured emails are a nightmare. All your files "” or even worse, your clients' files "” are scattered around while you're desperately trying to keep track of thousands of emails used for document proofing. Can you make sure all these emails on just as many computers have the necessary security options? Can you make sure private emails on private computers aren't being used? Of course you can't. This is exactly what cyber predators and hackers expect to find. The solution is to use online proofing, where all the stakeholders in the proofing process connect to only one file, instead of sending files to email inboxes on several private computers that don't have firewalls, antivirus programs, etc.

ADOBE recommends that you use the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which has the highest security certification.
Today, more than 94% of all companies depend heavily on SaaS. Furthermore, according to the Info-Tech Research Group, the overwhelming majority of IT managers put more faith in SaaS security than in their own security solutions and resources.

Proofing with ISO 27001 certification gives you maximum security.
WebProof is an online document collaboration and proofing platform that treats potential security concerns as its top priority. When it comes to the safety of WebProof's clients, there's no room for mistakes or any kind of compromises. In addition, WebProof is one of the very few SaaS companies that has obtained the prestigious ISO 27001 security certification. To give additional weight to this remarkable achievement, WebProof's software and Amazon cloud hosting services both received this ISO 27001 certification. Pick up the detailed security report.

What have you done to secure your data and your clients' data?

About WebProof
WebProof is an award-winning cloud-based solution with a mission to make complex graphic production simpler, more efficient, and better integrated. WebProof offers invaluable workflow software and proofing tools for distinguished companies such as LEGO, AUDI, Toys"R"Us, Carrefour, ICA, and many others. It has helped them improve their production processes and minimize their costs. WebProof clients come from over 100 countries, and they approve more than 5 million pages yearly through the company's ISO 27001-certified secure online platform.

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