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17/05-17   -   Press releases

Boatflex will Support Vegvisir Archipelago Race

The boat rental platform Boatflex and sailing event designers Shorthand Event Content Marketing join forces on the new international sailing event Vegvisir Archipelago Race.

The event is a crossover between traditional regatta sailing and adventure racing. The venue is the Danish town of Nykøbing Falster and the event is financially backed by the municipality of Guldborgsund with five local five local sailing clubs handling the logistics.

Vegvisir Archipelago Race is a double and triplehanded event in a format that has never been seen before. It will commence close to midsummer at Summer Solstice from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th of June. This means safe sailing as the days are long and the nights short and light. The participants will experience the traditional bonfire celebration Sankt Hans from their boats. This and a host of other activities will guarantee numerous epic and shareable experiences in the unique nature the participants sail through.

The kinship to adventure racing and the collaboration between Boatflex and the event make perfectly sense first and foremost because the spirit of Vegvisir Race is that finishing is an achievement.

"In traditional regattas you sign up with the purpose of winning. In this race you'll feel like a winner when you've made it over the finish line. So to join and compete, you don't necessarily need a super honed ship with brand new sails. You can easily join the event and have a blast of a race in a rented boat. In this particular race I'd said you can also make a good result by being a wiser strategist, a smarter tactician, a more clever navigator, a persistent sailor and a good chef", says Morten Brandt, CEO at Shorthand.
"We look very much forward to Vegvisir, which combines the passion for sailing, for both experienced and beginners, with great nature and an extreme sports adventure. We are happy to be able to make it possible for more sailors to participate in the regatta by renting a boat through Boatflex", says Benjamin Suhr, CMO at Boatflex.

About Boatflex
Boatflex is a peer-to-peer platform for fully insured boat rentals between trusted and passionate sailors with a mission to make it easier for people to go sailing and let them feel happy when enjoying the water. Whether looking for a motorboat to enjoy a fun day out on the water or a sailboat to have a great sail, Boatflex creates safe and unique experiences at affordable prices. Boatflex works with yacht clubs and Lloyd's insurance to create a fully insured and trusted rental process between the users of Boatflex.

About Morten Brandt
Morten Brandt has been a sailor since he was a kid. Professionally he was the Editor in Chief of the leading yachting media in Denmark BådNyt from 2008 to 2016. During that period he invented what became the biggest singlehanded sailing event in the World Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea.

About Vegvisir Archipelago Race
The event is a collaboration between the Municipality of Guldborgsund, Shorthand Event Content Marketing and the local sailing clubs Vikingen, Guldborgland Bådelaug, Grønsund Sejlklub, Nysted Sejlklub and Motorbådsklubben Guldborgsund.
Additional partners are online marketers Spinnaker Nordic and now Boatflex. As the event has an international scope media partnerships with Yacht from Germany and Seahorse from the UK are in place.

What is a Vegvisir?
A Vegvisir is an Icelandic magical symbol that helps you to find your way. The myth says that the bearer of this sign will never get lost. On the contrary, he/she will always get through the storm and bad weather even when the route is unknown.
"A Vegvisir is both a compass literally and figuratively. It helps people to find their way at sea and in life. Therefore the symbol is a perfect match for the new event where the demands to the navigators are extreme and as the side events will "calibrate" people's ethical compass as they focus on environmental problems of the oceans. Both the event and the side events are organized in close collaboration with the municipality of Guldborgsund and several local yacht clubs", says Morten Brandt.

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