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29/11-17   -   Press releases

Wine Owners releases 2018 fine wine market predictions

Wine Owners, the global fine wine collection management platform and peer-to-peer trading exchange, has released its market performance data for the last year and predictions for 2018.

Wine Owners is also the fine wine market data provider to Knight Frank, having developed the Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons index (KFFWI), included within the influential Wealth Report.

The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017 called out fine wine as the best performing passion asset of 2016 – with their Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons Index (KFFWI) up 24%. The KFFWI includes some scarcity-driven markets in its composition – reflecting high net worth interest in hard to find iconic wines.

Over the previous decade the KFFWI index rose 267%, second only to the classic car market that until last year had, literally, raced ahead.

By way of comparison, The Wine Owners 150 (WO 150) Index – that reflects a balanced portfolio of collectible blue chip fine wines (and therefore heavily weighted to include blue chip Bordeaux) – rose by a rather more moderate 137% over the same period, yet also gained 25% in 2016 as the Bordeaux market shifted from recovery to catch-up modes.

2017 has seen consolidation of those gains and high single digit growth with the Wine Owners 150 Index rising 7.25% to date.

The Wine Owners’ Fine Wine Predictions report analyses performance by each of the major wine producing regions, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, Italy, Spain and the USA, identifies where there’s value, reviews buying strategies, and highlights opportunities for growth.

About Wine Owners

Wine Owners is a market leader in fine wine collection management and global peer-to peer trading operates.

Launched in 2013 Wine Owners has built a community of wine lovers, collectors and wine-related businesses comprising:

• 15,000 users
• 19 countries
• £650,000,000 of fine wine catalogued, tracked and valued
• 300,000 referential wine entries
• 100 million pricing data processed annually

Authoritative market pricing is produced using very large amounts of data from the world’s comparative pricing wine search engine, applying proprietary pricing algorithms developed by our experts.

Wine Owners additionally implements white-labelled technology to wine trading companies, warehouses, private members’ clubs and family offices who operate the platform under their own brands.

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